Why Go Short Throw?

Ever been in the middle of a presentation when someone accidentally moves in front of the projector or has to walk right in the middle to get to the bathroom? It seems destined to happen every time. This is where short throw projectors can be very useful. The NEC NP-M352WS, for example, is a portable projector that can delive r an ideal short throw distance mere inches away from the screen but still pr oject a large image. This can be useful for many reaso 

Shadow Blocking Projector

n. The first is avoiding the awkward moments when people walk in between the projector and screen, throwing shadows on the presentation and distracting the audience. The second benefit is when there is no space for a projector to be mounted at the normal distance away or if you are traveling and can’t mount the projector anywhere but up close. NEC has perfected the short throw model, which is ideal for education (including interactive white boards), corporate offices, and for the traveling businessman.

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