How To Simplify Presentation Setup and Increase Attendee Engagement

Barco ClickShare
Barco ClickShare

We have all experienced those meetings where half the presentation time is spent trying to share the content from computer to screen. Luckily, there is finally a solution. The Barco ClickShare is a one-click wonder that makes connecting to a video system easy. It not only gets the presentation on-screen in a second, but works with both Mac and PC. With wireless content sharing from one screen to another through the touch of a button or the click of an app, this technology results in attendees being more engaged and meetings become more efficient.There are 2 Simple Ways of Sharing Content:

  • ClickShare Button: the no-installation necessary USB that can be started by simply double-clicking
  • Smartphone or Tablet App: allows you to connect content as well

Both of these options lets up to two people show their content on-screen simultaneously! As always, if you have any questions our experts are just a phone call away: 1-888-248-0675