Projector videos from CES 2012

Last month Projector People attended the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The exhibit was a sensory circus with 50-ft passive 3D displays, flashing lights and audio blasting from every other booth.

For us, CES is a time to connect with representatives of the brands we sell on We have the opportunity to learn about upcoming releases and new features. We also get to pass on valuable feedback from you, our customers and fellow projector fans, about changes you’d like to see in future products. Like us, our manufacturers highly value your feedback.

We were able to shoot a few videos during our time in Vegas. See below for updates from Vivitek, Optoma and InFocus. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter profiles for continued information on new releases, projector news and price drops.

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Vivitek’s new Qumi Q5 line

Douglas gives us the inside scoop on the new Vivitek Qumi line due out this summer. Built-in web browser and an optional 4-hour battery pack? We’re in.

Optoma HD33, a closer look

Learn more about one of our most popular 3D projectors.

New releases from InFocus

Dave shows off InFocus‘ current lineup as well as new short-throw and mobile projectors.

Vivitek D538W-3D: 2D to 3D conversion is finally here

Vivitek has changed the game with its new D538W-3D projector. Not only does the Vivitek D538W-3D output in up to 720p 3D for less than $750, it also converts existing 2D content into a very impressive 3D display.

Vivitek D538W-3D

That means all your 2D photos, movies and Blu-rays can now be viewed in the third dimension. We first saw the Vivitek D538W-3D’s conversion technology in action at CES 2011. We were pretty dazzled.

Like many of the new 3D projectors on the market, the Vivitek D538W-3D accepts 3D content through its HDMI input, greatly improving the image quality. The D538W-3D also plays back existing 3D content from your Blu-ray player, and if applicable, your 3D broadcast stations.

The Vivitek D538W-3D will start shipping this month for $749.99. Pre-order yours now»

Regis and Kelly are smitten with Vivitek’s Qumi

Regis and Kelly recently got their talk show paws on Vivitek’s Qumi, the new pico projector we fell in love with at CES 2011 earlier this year.

The Qumi wowed everyone on set, especially Kelly, who couldn’t stop oohing and aahing over the sub-$500 HD pico projector. (Perhaps Regis was too distracted with his plans to resign from the show to really focus on the technology before him?)

Jump to 2:30 in the video below to see the Qumi in action.

Why you want the pocket projectors that debuted at CES 2011

We have three words to describe the pocket projectors that debuted last week at CES 2011:

O. M. G.

Gone are the low-lumen, low-resolution pocket projectors of yesteryear. The next crop of picos displays in HD (and 3D!) and are bright enough to use in low ambient light.

They connect to your iPad, handle HDMI input and include built-in speakers. Pretty soon, they’ll even output in 1080p HD.

Without further ado….

Cool pocket projectors introduced at CES 2011

  1. Vivitek Qumi

    Why you want it: Vivitek’s first pico projector, the 300-lumen Qumi, could potentially set the standard for the next wave of portable projectors. With a native WXGA (1280×800) resolution and mini-HDMI input, the Qumi can output in HD. It’s also 3D-ready and includes a built-in 1W speaker.

    The 1.6-pound Qumi is versatile and portable enough for work and play. It easily connects with the latest digital cameras, laptops, smart phones and tablets. We saw this projector in action and were very impressed.

    In the video below, watch Rick Nguyen of Vivitek demonstrate the compatibility functions of the Qumi while he talks about the future of the pico chipset.

    The Qumi has a 2500:1 contrast ratio and measures 6.3″(w) x 1.2″(h) x 3.9″(d). It is expected to hit the streets in May for $499.

  2. LG HW300T

    Why you want it: LG Electronics’ HW300T LED projector is the first portable projector to incorporate the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology, allowing you to wirelessly transfer stored digital content from devices such as PCs and Blu-ray players.

    This little projector also has a built-in ATSC Tuner, which enables you to watch HD Broadcast signals without the need for a separate external content source. It also provides access to online content such as Accuweather, Twitter and Facebook.

    The 250-lumen HW300T has 1200 x 800 WXGA resolution, contrast ratio of 2,000:1 and a life expectancy of 30,000 hours. Pricing and availability were not released.

HD chip sets in picos? Built-in tuners? DLNA access? Are you guys as excited as we are?

Projectors in Action: Frito-Lay Promotion

We love finding pictures of projectors in action. Recently, we were sent some photos of a Frito-Lay in-store promotion that used projectors to engage passing shoppers.

The setup was pretty fancy – stacks of Doritos, a tent, life-size cardboard cutouts and, inside the tent, a Vivitek D930TX projector beaming a potato chip-themed racing game on an Elite portable screen.

I’m hungry.