Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge screen in action

SI's new Black Diamond Zero Edge mounted on a wall. Don't be fooled by the Blackberry's camera, this screen looked even better than an LCD!

Our Projector Experts were on the ground at the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) show last week in Indianapolis. We head to CEDIA every year. As you can probably tell, we’re total home theater geeks who have a blast playing with and learning about the latest home theater technology.

One of the real standouts at this year’s CEDIA was the Screen Innovations booth. Here we saw the new Black Diamond Zero Edge. This bad boy was first announced in August and let us tell you, it more than lives up to its reputation.

“This is a home run product!” said our Projector Experts.

SI's Zero Edge mounted on a wall
SI's Zero Edge mounted on a wall

The Black Diamond Zero Edge is a new affordable large flat-panel alternative. The screen can be mounted, flown from the ceiling, or hung unframed. This screen is a great option for houses of worship, sports bars or restaurants. Best of all, there’s no assembly required – just unpack and hang.

Zero Edge screens will ship in October. They will be available in 80 to 142-inch diagonal sizes. Custom sizes are also available. The Black Diamond Zero Edge screens start around $2,800, depending on size, gain and ratio.

What do you think?

Screen Innovations brings 3D out of the dark

3D projectors for home theater are finally here! The LG CF3D is the world’s first 1080p 3D-ready projector designed to play Blu-ray discs and other three-dimensional content. We’re so psyched!

Now, Screen Innovations has taken 3D enjoyment at home one step further with its Black Diamond projector screen. This screen allows you to watch 3D content without worrying about ambient light.

SI’s Black Diamond Screen increases an image’s contrast by 900%. Higher contrast means sharper images, even with the lights on. The Black Diamond screen also preserves the projector light’s polarization properties, eliminating the ghosting often seen with passive 3D images.

(See our 3D and projectors guide to learn more about 3D technology.)

And did we mention this screen also does an amazing job with good ol’ 2D content?

Check out the happy guys at SI showing off the Black Diamond screen in the video below. (Love the glasses, guys!)

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SI Screens Black Diamond II Projector Screen Reviewed

Black Diamond II HD

Ready to have your breath taken away? Better yet, are you ready for a projection screen that rejects reflected ambient light, preserving color saturation and contrast? (Rejection never sounded so good, right?)

Screen Innovations Black Diamond II HD front projection screen does just that and more. The black screen material enables quality projection with the lights on or off, however, where it rises above the rest is in a room where light control is minimal, a room that most of us can relate to.
Want to find out more, then hop in the backseat while this reviewer takes the Black Diamond II HD for a spin. Click it or ticket.

Screen Innovations’ new HD projector screen material

Take a good close look at your current projector screen. What do you see?

If you notice bumps, ridges or any kind of texture, it’s time for an upgrade. Especially if you have a 1080p projector.

Screen Innovations HD screen

See, the texture of your screen can play a big difference in your HD viewing experience. Too many bumps and ridges will minimize the projector’s resolution, making the picture appear soft.

Your current screen may be holding your new 1080p projector back.

Screen Innovations new embossed HD projector screen material is completely smooth to the human eye. SI has created the ultimate texture (or lack thereof) to give you the ultimate viewing experience.

To get the most out of your 1080p projector, check out Screen Innovations’ new HD material, which is available in multiple models, including the popular Solar and Gamma fixed frame series, as well as SI’s motorized line.

Check out our entire Screen Innovations selection to find the perfect HD projector screen for you.