SI Screens Black Diamond II Projector Screen Reviewed

Black Diamond II HD

Ready to have your breath taken away? Better yet, are you ready for a projection screen that rejects reflected ambient light, preserving color saturation and contrast? (Rejection never sounded so good, right?)

Screen Innovations Black Diamond II HD front projection screen does just that and more. The black screen material enables quality projection with the lights on or off, however, where it rises above the rest is in a room where light control is minimal, a room that most of us can relate to.
Want to find out more, then hop in the backseat while this reviewer takes the Black Diamond II HD for a spin. Click it or ticket.

Screen Innovations’ new HD projector screen material

Take a good close look at your current projector screen. What do you see?

If you notice bumps, ridges or any kind of texture, it’s time for an upgrade. Especially if you have a 1080p projector.

Screen Innovations HD screen

See, the texture of your screen can play a big difference in your HD viewing experience. Too many bumps and ridges will minimize the projector’s resolution, making the picture appear soft.

Your current screen may be holding your new 1080p projector back.

Screen Innovations new embossed HD projector screen material is completely smooth to the human eye. SI has created the ultimate texture (or lack thereof) to give you the ultimate viewing experience.

To get the most out of your 1080p projector, check out Screen Innovations’ new HD material, which is available in multiple models, including the popular Solar and Gamma fixed frame series, as well as SI’s motorized line.

Check out our entire Screen Innovations selection to find the perfect HD projector screen for you.

Projector People is Now a Black Diamond Screen Dealer!

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with an innovative screen dealer, SI Screens. SI Screens is the maker of the buzz-worthy Black Diamond screen system. We are proud to now have the opportunity to offer this product to you. In case you aren’t familiar with SI Screens, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown. If your attention span wanes, just watch the shorter video below and you’ll get the idea.

What’s SOOO Great About Black Diamond Screens?

Three things come to mind : improved contrast, clarity and color. These are the top reasons the Black Diamond screens are so sought after by home theater enthusiasts. Let’s discuss more about each.

Contrast : Better Black and Better White

As the name suggests, a Black Diamond screen is black – not just the velvet border around the screen – but the screen surface itself. The black color, as you might expect, pumps up black levels, making for a deep, dark black experience when projecting black. Producing dark black is a challenge for projectors even though great strides have been made in just the past five years. The Black Diamond screen offers an even greater improvement in black levels.

So, the next obvious question is, how does the black screen manage white? The answer, amazingly well! It may be an optical illusion or something, but white really punches off the BlackDiamond screens. I am sure there is technical information on how it works somewhere. But it’s really something you just need to see to appreciate. We have video below so you can get a look for yourself.

Since contrast is a comparison of black to white in an image, you can imagine that improving both black and white performance is going to make for a dramatically higher contrast image.

Clarity : Brightness That Lasts All Day Long

As somebody who was probably famous once said… a picture is worth a thousand words. So, moving images must be like 24x that. Here’s a quick video to give you a visual of how the Black Diamond screens do (compared to a white screen) in a room with ambient light. Check it out below.

Color : Vibrant and Accurate

ISF calibration, or home DVD color calibration, is a big deal for many home theater enthusiasts. And whether they know it or not, it also makes a big difference with people who just like great looking video. You know, people who like grass to look green, and the sky to look blue. So, those who live and breathe home theater will want to have their projectors ISF calibrated so that the image looks the way the director intended. And everyone else will just want what they watch to look ‘normal’ and consistently good while watching a dark action film, or a daytime game.

One of the claims to fame for the SI Black Diamond screen is that it keeps that ISF calibration ‘valid’ in rooms that have varying light levels. When the lights are on, the Black Diamond screen keeps the color in the image consistent, and does not allow the ambient light in the room to affect the image. Since many people want to use their projectors for daytime – for watching football or other daytime sports for example – this is a real benefit, and keeps projectors more in line with the performance of an LCD or plasma TV.

QUICK TIP : Watch the video below. It provides a great example of how well the Black Diamond screen can perform in lights on situations. Before the Black Diamond screen, projecting a 100-inch image on a screen outdoors was really somewhat of a leap of faith. Viewers had to accept a far less than perfect image, and in some cases, would have to strain to catch all the action.

So, bar owners and restaurateurs, take note of the video around 1:50. This is an alternative to an LCD or plasma that would cost much more for a display of that size. A projector can also be easily put away when not in use – at the end of the night or in bad weather. The Black Diamond screen can simply be covered, and can be washed down if it gets dirty.

So, as you can imagine we are very excited to offer these high quality – potentially industry changing – screens to our selection of home theater screens. Orders can be placed today online at You can also speak to one of our Projector Experts about pricing and shipping information for Black Diamond and other SI Screens.

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