Hitachi Short Throw Projectors: RIP Shadow Puppets.

Remember 3rd grade and the old-school overhead projector your teacher used? Remember the shadow puppets you used to cast when the teacher wasn’t looking?

You know, bunny ears on the quiet girl who sat in front of you. Moose antlers on your best friend.

Well, with our new line of Hitachi short throw projectors, shadow puppets are now a thing of the past.

How Hitachi Short Throw Projectors Work

Before, projectors had to be placed or installed behind the audience in order to beam an appropriate-size image on the screen at the front of the room.

This posed difficulties for presenters in small corporate meeting rooms who didn’t have the space to set up a projector several feet away from the screen. Teachers had to worry about students who fancied themselves as real shadow-puppeteers. Projectors placed at the back of the room also posed problems for presenters, who had to avoid casting their own shadows on the screen.

Short throw projectors allow users to create big pictures in small spaces, without concerns about distracting shadows or light shining in the presenter’s face. The secret lies in their throw ratio.

Throw ratio is the distance from projector to screen compared to the screen size. For example, a projector with a 1.5:1 throw ratio would have to be 7.5 feet back to project a 60-inch diagonal image. Short throw projectors like the Hitachi CP-A100, which has a 0.37:1 throw ratio, can project the same large image from just 1.4 feet away from the screen.

Short throw projectors create a larger image in a small space

Short throw projectors prevent light from shining in the presenter’s face. Image care of Mitsubishi.

Ready to eliminate shadow puppets in your classroom or meeting room? Ready to save your eyes from the glare of a projector placed at the back of the room?

Then check out the 2,500-lumen Hitachi CP-A100 or the 2,000-lumen Hitachi CP-A52. Both boast a 0.37:1 throw ratio and are capable of producing a 5-ft image from just 1.4 ft away from the screen.

Are Hitachi’s Short Throw Projectors the End of Shadow Puppets?

Not quite.

Just because Hitachi’s short throw projectors have eradicated shadow puppets from the classroom and meeting room doesn’t mean you can’t still get your fix.

Check out the Pilobolus dance group performing an impressive shadow dance on Conan earlier this summer. It will put all those bunny ears and moose antlers to shame.