Projector People Respond: 3 Reasons Why Churches are Behind the Technology Curve

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In a recent post for Church Mag, Chase Livingston shared his list of why churches are behind the technology curve. We agree that his reasons – money, knowledge, and the powers that be – can be major stumbling-blocks for churches trying to use technology to improve communication in their churches.

Here at Projector People, we work hard to help churches overcome these issues. Here’s how:

1. Money

Yes, technology upgrades can be expensive. But, recent advances in technology mean that the several thousand dollar projector you were considering last year can now be had for less than a grand. Lots of new product releases paired with the slowed economy means your church can see a major bang-for-the-buck if you’re in the market for a new projector right now.

Money-Saving Tip: Select manufacturers like NEC, InFocus, and Mitsubishi will allow you to trade-in a projector from any manufacturer for a reduced price on one of their latest models. Learn more!

2. Knowledge

The people who know projectors isn’t just our slogan here at PP. We’re here to help educate you before, during and after your purchase.

Unlike “big box” stores, we won’t leave you clueless and confused after you get your new projector in-hand. During the purchase process, you’re matched with a projector expert, who will help you identify your needs, select the right technology based on those needs and your budget, and provide technical support once your order is fulfilled.

Knowledge is power, and the Projector People are here to help!

3. Powers that Be

Chase puts it well when he says, “the people who make decisions about how the Church should spend its money, don’t necessarily agree with the ideas and initiatives put forward. While a new piece of equipment may be needed, they don’t understand the need, or at least don’t want to understand the need.”
Overcoming this issue can be easier when you are armed with knowledge. With the support of your projector expert, putting together a sound argument for why your church needs new technology (and how much it will actually cost!) can be painless.

But don’t take my word for it… see for yourself! Contact our projector experts today to get started on the road to implementing a new technology plan in your church!

Chase – what do you think?

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    football tailgate

    Some say the best part about going to a football game is tailgating with your friends before kickoff. The Projector People How to Tailgate Guide will get you ready for the big game with no sweat! Read on…

    Best Tailgate Technology

    The Vivitek D951HD projector is our pick for a powerful and portable projector that’s perfect for your tailgate party! With 3100 lumens of brightness, a 3000:1 contrast ratio and HD inputs, the pregame show will look terrific under a broad range of lighting conditions. Plus, the Vivitek D951HD’s built-in speaker, included carrying case and remote make it easy to take on the road without sacrificing image quality.

    As a part of our Preseason Sale, you can save $150 on the Vivitek D951HD before August 29!

    If you want an easy way to record all of those game-winning touchdowns, check out the Cisco Flip Ultra HD. Its small size captures up to two hours of crisp, HD video and can start recording just three seconds after you click the power button.

    Power Up Your Tailgate

    For stress-free electricity before the game or in your backyard, we recommend the Duracell Powerpacks, stand-alone power sources for both AC and DC electronics. The Powerpacks also include a generator, air compressor and LED flashlight, making them a must-have for any on-the-go partier.

    Outdoor Projection Screens

    The cheapest portable projector screen is a white sheet or drop cloth. Don’t forget to bring some light rope to tie it between a couple of trees or cars in the parking lot!

    If you’re looking to splurge, we love the Open Air Cinema inflatable screen for its wow-factor and ease of use.

    Football Food

    The Food Network has lots of awesome tailgating recipes from their chefs, including game-day dips, winning wings, championship chili and more. Pig out!

    The biggest argument among tailgaters (other than which quarterback has the best arm) is charcoal or propane.

    If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll love the Weber Smokey Joe. At less than $50 from most major retailers, this classic portable charcoal grill is a winner.

    If you prefer the ease-of-use of a propane grill and need a little more cooking area, the Coleman Road Trip Grill is a solid first round pick. With two adjustable burners and two side tables on a collapsible base, it performs like a full-size grill, but quickly folds down for travel.

    Tailgating Drinks

    For less than $40, you can score the Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler, which can hold up to 85 drinks! With a handle and built-in cup holders, this cooler is a great value for fans on a budget.

    Does everyone in section 42 know your name? Tote your drinks between all of your friends’ BBQs like a winner on our fan-favorite Cruzin Cooler. Sure, it can only hold about 20 cans with ice, but you’ll be the king of the parking lot on your own riding cooler. Oh yeah!

    Pricey drinks in the stadium are a drag. Sneak your own (adult or virgin) beverage into the stadium with the Beer Belly or Wine Rack. Holding up to 80 oz. of your favorite beverage, the Beer Belly straps across your torso to give you that sexy beer gut you’ve always wanted. The Wine Rack is a similar product, but for ladies (We’re not spelling it out for you, sorry!).

    More Tailgating Must-Haves

    – Multi-tool with bottle opener, corkscrew and knife
    – Can opener
    – Paper towels
    – Matches
    – Flashlight
    – Toothpicks
    – Large Trash bags (can double as ponchos in a pinch!)
    – Sunscreen
    – Extra bad-weather gear (poncho, gloves, scarf, hat, socks)
    – Small First Aid kit (bandages, burn cream, anti-itch, pain reliever)
    – Folding chairs and tables

    What are your tailgating must-haves?

    Price drop on the Epson MovieMate 62

    We have a smoking hot projector deal fresh from the oven for you all.

    Epson MovieMate 62

    For a limited time, we’ve dropped the price on the Epson MovieMate 62. This little projector comes with a built-in DVD player and speakers. It’s super-bright at 2,000 lumens. And for a limited time it’s only $499!

    At 1/4 HD resolution, the Epson MovieMate 62 won’t deliver the same quality image as its bigger brothers the Epson HC 8700 UB or the Epson HC 8350. This projector is more your go-anywhere-and-host-an-impromptu-move-night model. We recommend it for backyard theater, house of worship kids’ playrooms or anywhere else you want to deliver a big, bright (and affordable!) image. With the Epson MovieMate 62, you get images up to 12 times the size of a puny 40″ TV at a fraction of the price.

    Check out the Epson MovieMate 62 here»

    Projection mapping in your living room

    We just stumbled upon an awesome video, thanks to the good folks at the UK site, ProjectorPoint.

    No doubt, you’ve seen some of the amazing projection mapping videos we’ve posted in the past, but this one takes the cake. Rather than project on a building, the team at the Netherlands agency Mr. Beam (cool name) used a projector to transform a plain white room into a Sponge Bob-themed bedroom, a swank loft and a ghoulish haunted house.

    Check out the video below.

    What do you think of indoor projection mapping? Have you ever tried to pull something like this off with your projectors? Post your comments below.