Happy 10th Birthday to Projector People!

Remember when having a birthday meant tons of gifts and you had a birthday week, instead of just one day? Those were the days. And it is in that spirit that we have decided to celebrate ProjectorPeople.com birthday for the whole week. And we’re also going to share our gifts with you! We picked out ten special gifts to discount.

Stay tuned tomorrow, because just for kicks, we will share a little bit of the Projector People story too. After all, it’s the new year, and birthday’s are a great time to reflect.

Birthday Special Offer

We have reduced ten of our top selling products in honor of our birthday. We still have our Daily Deals and regular low prices, but we are discounting these ten products through this Friday, January 9th. See qualifying products here . Sneak peak below :

  • Epson Home Cinema 6500UB All You Need 1080p Package (save $100)
  • Panasonic PT-AE3000U All You Need 1080P (save $150)
  • Liberty Cable High-Definition Dual Cable, HDMI and Component (save $35)
  • Peerless Adjustable Height Projector Ceiling Mount Kit (save $75)
  • NEC NP901W (save $100)
  • Panasonic PT-LB75U (save $45)
  • Toshiba TDP-PX10U (save $50)
  • AccuScreens Fixed Frame 119-inch HDTV Screen (save $50)
  • Draper RoadWarrior (save $50)
  • Ovation Multimedia Avia II: Guide to Home Theater (save $29)

To get these deals use coupon code : BIRTHDAY

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