Meet the Classmate All-In-One Teaching Solution!

With the Classmate, engaging students has never been so easy, convenient or affordable.

Just plug in your laptop or PC and let the Classmate do the rest. Equipped with a high-quality projector, DVD/VCR player, sound system and all the necessary cables, this portable multimedia teaching solution arrives at your door fully assembled and ready to dazzle. An amazing five year warranty ensures your Classmate will wow your students for years.

The Classmate Features:

  • Custom cart with built-in shelves and 4-inch locking caster wheels
  • Lock box storage unit
  • Projector, DLP®, XGA, 2600 lumens, 2200:1 contrast.
  • Two speakers, 20 watts each, DC powered
  • Mixer with four RCA, one 3.5mm mini jack, and two XLR microphone inputs
  • DVD/VCR combo player
  • Power strip
  • All necessary cables and wires
  • Five year warranty on all components

Upgrade the Classmate to include:

  • Wireless microphone system
  • High-resolution, advanced imaging, document camera
  • Ask your Projector Expert for details, 1-888-248-0675

Important delivery information:

  • Allow two weeks for fabrication
  • $150 flat rate shipping charge will apply

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Save Money and Time With Our New Projector Packages

We’ve expanded our line of projector packages to save you even more money and time.

Our new projector packages offer deeper discounts and more selection than before. Whether you’re looking for a home theater, education, business, house of worship or outdoor theater projector package, we have a combination just for you.

Want to create your own projector package?

Call a Projector Expert today and they will design a special package at a great price just for you. Or click here to build your own »

Backyard Theater Projector Sale!

Summer is officially here! Fire up the grill, hang a sheet from the tree house and invite your friends over for a night of cinema under the stars.

To kick off summer, also known as Backyard Theater season, we updated our official Backyard Theater Guide and knocked down the prices of our best outdoor theater projectors and accessory packages. Check out our specials!

Plus, between Monday May 24 and June 21, use the coupon code “BACKYARD” to get a free HDMI cable with select projectors. More info is available on our deals page.

Projector Central Reviews the Epson Ensemble HD Home Theater System

Projector Central got a hold of an Epson Ensemble HD 6100 package and has just published their review. We wanted to make you aware of it and throw in one or two thoughts which you can take or leave. Below are some quotes pulled from the review. You can also just read the full review on Projector Central.

Projector Central says :

“The Ensemble is designed not to be the ultimate in home theater, but to be an all in one, easy to install solution that eliminates the mystery of assembling all of the components on your own. It is meant for the person who likes the idea of big home theater with a front projector and big, bold surround sound, but isn’t quite sure where to start, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time in research and product selection. It is meant for the typical consumer who wants home theater but doesn’t want to turn it into a full time job or hobby.”

Exactly sir! The real reason this product should be a big seller is in the details. Our customer service team installed the entire system in one of our conference rooms and they were able to complete the task in a work day.

Projector Central says :

“But the real “Wow” factor of the Ensemble isn’t found in the spec sheets. It’s actually very simple: if someone told you five years ago that you could have a complete home theater, with 5.1 surround and a high-definition front projector, for less than $7,500, you would have laughed. Today, it is available at over 200 dealers around the country, as well as two authorized online resellers for the do-it-yourself crowd. If you are looking for a great big screen solution with the full surround sound experience, and want it installed in short order with no muss or fuss, the Epson Ensemble may be just the solution.”

We second (or third that if you read the Projector Reviews overview) that emotion. And not only have they made the price reasonable (not cheap, but very reasonable), they have removed a great cost to the customer in hassle. So the customer who is willing to pay a little more (and not much more) to spare the cost of hassle, should recognize that an Epson Ensemble system is a serious bargain.

Anyway, enough of our overview. Slide on over to Projector Central and read the complete Epson Ensemble HD system review here.

Projector People Home Theater Custom Package Builder Updated

Custom Package Builder

In our efforts to maintain the best projector site on the internets, we have just recently upgraded our Custom Home Theater Package Builder to better serve you. We created the original Package Builder a couple years ago and it has been a frequently used feature. But good can get better, so our Package Builder 2.0 includes more intelligent logic for cable and mount selection – based on the size of your specific space. It also has updated product selections and discounts on more accessories.

What’s New on the Custom Home Theater Package Builder?

  • Updated selection of home theater and crossover projectors.
  • Broader accessory options from mounts to cables.
  • Updated recommended and featured products.
  • More intelligent product recommendations with room size calculations for mounts and cables.
  • More products with discounts.

So if you are looking to find a deal on a home theater package, it’s worth taking a minute to test out the new Custom Home Theater Package Builder tool.

Prefer to Speak to an Expert?

If you have more questions about which projector is right for you, how to connect all the pieces of your home theater puzzle, or anything related to your home theater package, we have our very own staff of Projector Experts ready to assist you (Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 8:pm EST) with all your questions and concerns. They may even be able to save you even more money on your package. Our new Package Builder is available 24-7.

Your Suggestions?

We are already compiling our wish list for version 3.0. If you have suggestions on how we can improve the Package Builder, please drop us a note at