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Olympic Coupon Deal

Were you one of those kids that dreamed of the day that an official looking person wearing a sweatsuit would carefully drape a shiny gold (or silver cuz you’re modest) medal over your head and onto your neck while playing your national anthem? Or, perhaps you dreamt of scoring the winning goal over the Russians in an unbelievable finish… a miracle on ice! Or, maybe you dreamt you were a major underdog from the Jamaica bobsled team racing for the first time for your country, and that your life would eventually become a Disney movie. Or, did you ever want to strike someone in the knee before a major competition?

Okay, then were you one of those kids who dreamed of having a giant home theater in your home so that you could watch movies and sports on a screen the size of your garage door? Yeah, now we’re talkin. AND in that dream, did you have to pay a LOT of money for your giant big screen? Of course not!! So, in the spirit of competition, and bigger dreams, we’re offering you $50 off select HD Home Theater packages throughout the 2010 Olympic Winter games. Get the details here:

Use Coupon Code : GIMMIEGOLD for $50 off!

Choose from one of our packages below and save an additional $50 off the already discounted price. (or see more here) :

Offer Dates : Sale offers valid Wednesday, February 10th – Sunday, February 28th
Shipping Costs : In stock projectors include free ground shipping within the continental US, but shipping charges will apply for accessories and out of stock projectors. For a limited time there will be free shipping on all items in the BenQ W6000 package. All offers are while supplies last and subject to change without notice.

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Benefits of SmartShopping

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Yes, You Will Get an Email or Two

Nobody likes junk mail. So let’s discuss the details of the SmartShopper program. One with your sales person’s contact information, and most likely a follow up email or two (including your shipment information if you make a purchase). You can always request to be removed and you will be put on the ‘do not contact’ list. You will still have access to the SmartShopper pricing, but no further email contact. After you make your purchase, hopefully from us, you can choose be removed quickly and easily.

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