Projector Bike Shares Stories in Australia


Things We Love: Projector Bike

Built in 2010, the Projector Bike is used to tell stories in public spaces, activate unused spaces and provide an accessible platform for artists to show their work in public and show content to an expanded audience, according to the Projector Bike website.

This custom three-wheeled cargo bike includes an Epson 1945W projector, car stereo and speakers, an iPad and a powerful battery.

The mobile nature of the Projector Bike enables engaging images and films to be shown in public places to audiences ranging from a few people at a bus stop to a large crowd at a festival. The team loves to “surprise and delight pedestrians and members of the public” with impromptu screenings. If you’re Melbourne and want to join the fun, check out this list of Projector Bike events.

Learn more about how the Projector Bike is bringing short, independent films, art and culture to public spaces in this video:

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