Projector People at Infocomm 2008 – Day Three

More Cool New Stuff : PP at Infocomm 2008

More from our Projector People team on the showroom floor at Infocomm 2008. Again we should have photos and more information in future posts. Whenever possible we will link to other tech sites covering the technology too.

InFocus is first to transmit video to projector over USB, instead of VGA

new InFocus Display Link

It started with computer monitors, docking stations, and photo frames. The cool DisplayLink USB graphics core is just now making it’s way to the world of projectors.

This is revolutionary. InFocus is the first projector manufacturer to bring models to market that use mini-USB to transmit video. Their new IN1100 and IN3100 series projectors feature “DisplayLink”, the technology that enables near instantaneous video connection via USB as well as multi-display capability to show multiple presentations on multiple projectors from just a single USB connection and single computer. More than that, when connected to the projector via USB, your computer can act as a fully functional projector remote control too.

Advantages of using the InFocus projector USB connection:

  • Near instant recognition of video source
  • No fumbling for the function key to toggle the image between PC or laptop display and the projector
  • Smaller input real estate on the projector, so future projectors can continue to shrink
  • Makes projector presentation setup faster and easier
  • Computer becomes a projector remote control
  • One USB output can power multiple projectors and presentations

InFocus projectors with the new USB video connection:

Click here to see all InFocus projectors

Previously, InFocus opted out of the regular VGA connection in favor of the much less popular, but flexible, M1 connection. This new USB solution is a true innovation and will be a very popular feature for users in school and small business settings.

What’s missing? There is neither a DVI nor an HDMI input on the new InFocus units with USB. But there may still be VGA connections. Check your specs for details.

Epson Projectors : Three New VoUSB Options Under $800!

Along with InFocus, Epson has also invested in a video over USB option (VoUSB) for its projector lineup. First, here is a quick look at the Epson offerings with VoUSB.

New Epson Projectors with VoUSB:

  • Powerlite S6 : SVGA, 2200 lumens for $549
  • Powerlite 78c : XGA, 2200 lumens for $649
  • Powerlite W6 : WXGA, 2000 lumens, SD card slot, for $799

Thusfar, Epson looks to have lowest price VoUSB option available this year. Epson usually offers strong feature sets on low priced products, and in particular, successfully meets the needs of Educators – low price points, user friendly interface, low cost of ownership. Unlike the InFocus VoUSB products, there is also an HDMI input on the modestly priced Epson projectors with USB video. Epson also has E-TORL lamp technology which improves power efficiency and lengthens lamp life (4000 hours) which lowers total cost of ownership. More Epson features include Instant on / off, auto keystone correction, AV mute, and because of the VoUSB, there is also Plug and Project connectivity which allows the computers to be connected to the projector without the need for adjustments.

Also noteworthy, the new Powerlite W6 is priced very competitively for a widescreen 2000 lumen projector with HDMI. We haven’t seen it manage video yet, but at this price point, as long as it can project video at all, it will be popular as a cross-over projector.

Quick Tip: USB connections have existed on projectors for a long time, however their functionality did not include video transfer from a computer. USB cards could be used for computerless presentations, or the USB could be used to create an optional wireless connection.

This new VoUSB projectors are expected to be on the streets in September 2008