Rich Reviews : New Optoma HD20 $999 1080p HD Projector


Scene from Wall-E on the new Optoma HD20 projector.

One of our Projector Experts took the new Optoma HD20 home for a trial run. The setup was not fancy. Rich just used his existing home theater’s pulldown gray screen and played a few Blu Ray movies for the wife and kids. Below are a few photos he took to share with you and some thoughts from Rich on the performance of the new $999 HD projector.

Rich says :

I took home the HD20 last night for a test run. We watched the 5th Element on Blu-ray. Wow! This thing is crisp! Very Sharp. Colors look decent, flesh tones are nice. I found the Cinema setting with Graphic gamma setting the best black levels and color combination. With the lamp on econo mode it’s almost silent and the black levels improve.


Good flesh tones on the Optoma HD20. You see freckles and subtle changes in skin color.


More flesh tones. 🙂 But a nice rich black with some visible details on the neck.


Red can sometimes be a problem for a DLP projector, but this is a natural red and pink. Also a lot of detail in color. BrilliantColor seems to work well on this projector.

Rich says :

The menu is very limited and I couldn’t find a way to save different presets. It’s not in the same league as the $2000-$3000 units. But for $999 it’s actually a great bang for the buck. Oh and you must get a Blu-ray player!

Optoma HD20 Quick Specs

Here are the manufacturer specifications for the HD20. It’s just the basics. Click here for more specs.

Optoma HD20 projector

  • Resolution: HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Display Type: DLP
  • Brightness: 1700 lumens
  • Contrast: 4000:1
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Lamp Life: 3000 hours

The HD20 can produce an image of up to 300-inches and comes with a backlit IR remote control. It is one of the first true HD 1080p projectors to be released at a very aggressive $999 price point.

Want Your Own Optoma HD20?

You know we’ve got ’em. You can find more information about the new Optoma HD20 here, including the full specs, some pictures of the product, and manufacturers data sheet.


Kung Fu Panda on the Optoma HD20