Projector Reviews: Optoma PK301 pico projector

Our buddies over at recently reviewed the Optoma PK301 pico projector.

They praised the Optoma PK301’s image quality, battery life and – at a mere $399 – its high value.

“The Optoma PK-301’s combination of aspect ratio and brightness put it in a unique class by itself. With a list price of $399 and very fine video and data images, it is well suited for those who do widescreen presentations, or want to watch movies at home or on the road … for intimate presentations to just a few people, or movies anywhere at anytime, the PK-301 is well worth a close look.” –

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Optoma PK301 Quick Specs:

  • Resolution: WVGA (854 x 480)
  • Display Type: DLP®
  • Brightness: 50 lumens
  • Contrast: 2000:1
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year(s)
  • Lamp Life: 20000 hours

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Optoma PK301, the newest pocket projector!

Pocket projectors are awesome. They’re just so little, and cute and ….. okay, I’ll stop.

Optoma PK301

Seriously, we’re always excited to see the latest entries in this product line. Pocket projectors are getting smaller and brighter, and image quality is on the rise.

Take the latest Optoma pocket projector, the PK301. At 50 lumens, this is the brightest pocket projector we carry, and weighing in at a mere 0.8 ounces, it’s also the lightest.

Optoma PK301 Pico Features

  • Truly portable – palm-sized, lightweight, and rechargeable
  • Built-in media player allows you to project images, videos or document directly from the removable storage device
  • MicroSD card slot allows for memory expansion up to 16 GB
  • Project large widescreen images of up to 120” diagonal
  • 2,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • LED light source lasts over 20,000 hours while producing excellent color
  • Full assortment of I/O ports, including USB, VGA, HDMI and video, allow for easy connection to most analog or digital devices

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