Projector People InfoComm 2009 Review – New Tiny Bright and 3D Projectors

InfoComm has come and gone once again. This year we don’t have any real earth shattering stories to report, but some progress has been made with some cool newer technologies. Here’s our quickie round up for projectors at InfoComm 2009.

LED Projector Light Sources

Micro portable projectors are now hot on the scene. Unfortunately, the projectors that slip easily into your pocket still have some maturing to do before they can replace their big brothers. The pocket projectors use LED technology, so they produce good color. They also require less energy to operate which means they can run on a battery for an hour or two. Their only real drawbacks are their limited connectivity, lower resolution, and their brightness – or rather dimness. They are just not realistically bright enough for many practical applications. Most hover at somewhere between 10 and 20 lumens.

However, the slightly-bigger-than-pocket palm sized LED projectors have reached more impressive lumen ranges of up to 100-150 lumens. Resolutions are also improved in the palm sized units. There are now XGA (1024×768) resolution products coming to market sometime this year.

[ Edited Oct. 2, 2009 ]

There are also clear intentions toward entering LED projection into the home theater market with a widescreen resolution optimized home theater LED projector. LED technology in home theater projectors is an exciting proposition because users would benefit from longer ‘lamp life’, lower power consumption, and a nice accurate color space.

LED home theater projectors look to be a few months out at least, and will probably have a significant asking price. Call it an early adopters tax.

3-D Projectors Coming Soon

3D Projectors

Speaking of early adoption, one of the big pushes at InfoComm this year was 3-D projection. Mitsubishi has released several TVs this past year with 3-D technology built in, and that technology is also coming to projectors.

So is your dream of 3-D becoming a reality? Maybe not just yet. For starters, the manufacturers seem to be targeting the Education market for this new technology. Probably because the technology isn’t quite mature enough for the demanding consumer. Additionally, buyers will need to purchase a set of 3-D glasses to enjoy the action. Not the kind you get free at the IMAX theater, or the kind you get from a cereal box (do they still put toys in cereal boxes?) but rather a special pair that will cost you somewhere between $125 to $300. That might be doable if you wanted to watch your 3-D alone, but of course you would have to multiply that by the number of people you like to get motion sickness with. Only kidding. The technology is really very cool, and 3-D might be to HDTV what color was to black and white. And it might also be a great tool for educators, particularly in the Arts and Sciences.

If you want to get yourself some 3-D, you shouldn’t have to wait too many more years. There were a number of manufacturers promoting the technology which should keep things progressing. We will be sure to get some 3-D projectors to review if we can so we can take some 2D video of it and share it with you!

Other Projector Stuff

There were a few other potentially exciting developments, but we still don’t have enough details to post anything yet. But we will keep you updated when we know more about new products coming out for fall – and on any other developments in home and business projection.

Fun Picture

Here’s a graphic that made us chuckle at InfoComm this year. We took a picture so you could take proper safety measures.

Projector Funny

Note that the graphic is placed directly next to the lens in small pictures. The message is not immediately evident, so you might expect people to lean in to figure out the message… which is telling you not to look into the lens.

Thanks for reading! As always, we are welcome to suggestions and comments!

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