Projector People and NEC sponsor the Projecting Hope Film Festival

Projecting hope film festivalWe have recently partnered with the good folks at NEC to provide a NEC PX750U (coming soon!) projector to the Projecting Hope Film Festival, Oct 21 – 23 in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Projecting Hope Film Festival features about 20 family-friendly and faith-based movies over the course of the weekend. It takes place at the Fox Chapel Waterworks 10 in Pittsburgh. If you’re in town, check it out.

Learn more about the Projecting Hope Film Festival »

Educators, enter to win a $25,000 makeover from NEC!

Is the display technology in your school not making the grade?

NEC star student

Enter NEC’s $25,000 technology makeover contest and your school could move to the head of the class with high-tech display products.

Between now and February 28, 2011, schools can submit their technology-deficient classroom video to NEC for consideration. The top 5 will be chosen and then posted online for public voting. The winner of $25,000 in NEC display products will be awarded in April.

To be eligible, schools must be registered with NEC’s Star Student program. Not a member? Visit today!

NEC Visits Projector People

NEC visits the projector people

Here at Projector People, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of projectors and projector accessories.

Manufacturers know we’re the “projector experts” and they visit us frequently to educate our staff on the latest advancements in projector technology.

Today, NEC came by to talk about their new line of projectors and digital signage displays. Their presentation focused on their latest eco-friendly and power-saving features, which include:

  • ECO Mode. Improve lamp life and reduce your carbon footprint in NEC’s ECO Mode. At the end of each session, the projector shows how much carbon you saved by operating it in this environmentally-friendly setting.
  • Improved filters. NEC’s new pleated filters (right) dramatically improve the lamp’s lifespan and the projector’s performance.
  • NEC's improved projector filters

  • New remote control. It’s easy to be green when you can switch in and out of ECO Mode from your remote control, which also controls the projector’s aspect ratio.
  • Computer Control Utility is a free software that allows you to monitor and control your projectors from a remote location.
  • Virtual remote. Never worry about losing your remote again. NEC’s virtual remote allows you access to all the remote control’s functions from the display.

These are just some of the impressive advancements in NEC projectors. Call a Projector Expert at 1-888-248-0675 to learn more.