Get a free spare lamp with the NEC NP-V300X and NP-V300W projectors

Our favorite words in the English language include projector, HDMI, 3D and FREE!

NEC projectors with free lamps

NEC, one of our favorite brands, is currently giving away free spare bulbs with the purchase of our most popular 3D-ready projectors, the NEC NP-V300W and NEC NP-V300X. Just add to cart to save $179!

NEC NP-V300W projector

The widescreen NEC V300W packs a bright punch in classrooms, meeting and conference rooms. It’s designed for mobile presenting in spaces with heavy ambient light. This 3000-lumen lightweight mobile model includes a 7W speaker, closed captioning and an HDMI input. It’s perfect for travelling presenters. Get a free lamp with your purchase of the NEC V300W projector »

NEC NP-V300X projector

Weighing in at a mere five pounds, the 3,000-lumen NEC NP-V300X helps you deliver presentations with high-contrast brilliance. This XGA (1024 x 768) projector is compact, lightweight, easy-to-use and sets up quickly, making it ideal for use in meeting and conference rooms, as well as houses of worship and classrooms. It also includes a HDMI input. Buy the NEC NP-V300X, get a free lamp today »

Hurry, these deals won’t last long.

NEC Visits Projector People

NEC visits the projector people

Here at Projector People, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of projectors and projector accessories.

Manufacturers know we’re the “projector experts” and they visit us frequently to educate our staff on the latest advancements in projector technology.

Today, NEC came by to talk about their new line of projectors and digital signage displays. Their presentation focused on their latest eco-friendly and power-saving features, which include:

  • ECO Mode. Improve lamp life and reduce your carbon footprint in NEC’s ECO Mode. At the end of each session, the projector shows how much carbon you saved by operating it in this environmentally-friendly setting.
  • Improved filters. NEC’s new pleated filters (right) dramatically improve the lamp’s lifespan and the projector’s performance.
  • NEC's improved projector filters

  • New remote control. It’s easy to be green when you can switch in and out of ECO Mode from your remote control, which also controls the projector’s aspect ratio.
  • Computer Control Utility is a free software that allows you to monitor and control your projectors from a remote location.
  • Virtual remote. Never worry about losing your remote again. NEC’s virtual remote allows you access to all the remote control’s functions from the display.

These are just some of the impressive advancements in NEC projectors. Call a Projector Expert at 1-888-248-0675 to learn more.

NEC Offers Free 19-inch LCDs Plus Cash Rebates with Select Projectors


Get stacked!

It’s not often that manufacturers will let you stack promotional offers. But NEC Projectors has a very special double offer running for those enrolled in its Business Advantage Program.

If you’re a member with 200 employees or less, and you purchase an eligible projector, you’ll get a cash rebate and a free 19” widescreen desktop LCD.

The promotion is valid for the NEC NP310, NP410, NP410W, NP510, NP510WS, NP610S and the NP610. You must make your purchase through an authorized NEC Business Advantage reseller (like us!)

The promotion runs from April 1 to June 30, 2010. Products must be registered with the Business Advantage Program by July 31, 2010.

This offer is only good while supplies last. For complete details and other fine print, visit NEC’s Business Advantage Program page.

Educational institutions are not eligible for this promotion, but never fear! There are still promotions available to you! Visit NEC’s educational program.

Has the Projector World Gone Wide?

[ This is a re-post from our September Projector People Post Business Edition Newsletter ]

Aspect Ratios

We’ve been talking a lot about new $999 entry level home theater projectors lately. But projection innovation is not limited to the home theater frontier. Business projectors now include more brightness for less cash, broader feature sets on entry level projectors, and a big trend towards adding affordable widescreen technology. Wider aspect ratios have been making their way, slowly but surely, into the world of business presentations, churches, schools, and other large venue applications. But what are the advantages of widescreen technologies for business? Is it time to convert for business too?

Why Go Wide?

As home televisions have been stretched to 16:9 resolution, viewers are becoming more and more used to the widescreen image. Back at work, the 4:3 image is starting to look a little square. But there are more reasons than familiarity to change your perspective. Here are just a few :

  • Meatier messages – More words and characters bullet point
  • More image in tight spaces – Particularly offices with 8-foot ceilings and 3-foot tables
  • Waste less image space when used with widescreen laptops
  • 4:3 images still work nicely in the 16:10 frame so older tools don’t have to be replaced
  • Widescreen weekend – Crossover projecting for weekend HDTV projection fun

If any of these benefits appeal to you, then you will also be happy to know that your selection of 16:10 (and 16:9) products has been increasing, slowly but surely, each year. Price points have also been reduced as competition increases in the widescreen space.

Some Well-Priced Widescreen Business Projectors

  • NEC NP500WS – $849* [ WXGA (1280 x 800), 2100 lumens, short-throw lens, 7.3 lbs. ]
  • Sanyo PLC-WXE45 – $1395 [ WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution, 2000 lumens, 7.5 lbs. ]
  • NEC NP3151W – $3,499* [ WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution, 4000 lumens, wireless capable ]
  • Mitsubishi WL6700U – $7995** [ WXGA (1366 x 800 pixels) resolution, 5000 lumens ]
  • * Prices are after rebate.
    ** Additional discounts may apply.

Find more here with our Projector Finder tool!

As always, if you have more questions about 16:10 projectors, or any projectors, call us today