Mitsubishi Projector Rebates Update

If you have purchased a Mitsubishi projector with a rebate over the past year or so – and have not received your rebate yet, then this may affect you. We post this primarily to ease any concern from our customers who may have purchased a Mitsubishi projector with a rebate recently.

The company that Mitsubishi had used to manage their rebate payments has declared bankruptcy, which means Mitsubishi will have to find another provider soon, or manage the rebates themselves. It is possible that there will be some delay in processing, but Mitsubishi still plans to meet the requirements as posted in the rebate documents.

Mitsubishi has assured all of its resellers that they are already working on securing another promotional agency to take over, but warns that it may take some time. However, they also provided to answers to what are likely to be the most common questions from our customers. We have posted their two question Q and A below.

Mitsubishi Projector Rebate Questions:

1. Where do I send my mail-in rebate?

Please continue to send the rebates to the address listed on the rebate form. The rebates will be forwarded to the appropriate location for further processing.

2. Will my mail-in rebate still be honored?

All mail-in rebates as advertised are still valid and would be honored with their original terms and conditions. They should continue to be submitted as written for consideration of the promotion.

We hope this answers any questions you may have. We will keep you updated if there are any changes to the situation. This should be just a short term bump in the road for Mitsubishi, and will not likely have an effect on many consumers. However, I wouldn’t expect any aggressive new end-user rebates on Mitsubishi projectors till they get the details nailed down.