Price drop on the LG CF181D, plus free lamp promo


We just dropped the price on the LG CF181D, one of our most popular home theater projectors. Now, you can get your paws on one for just $2,299. Plus, get a free replacement lamp, a $299 value, with your purchase.

Back in May, one of our Projector Experts took the LG CF181D projector home for a test spin. His “homework” (cue the violins) was to watch Blu-ray movies and test the LG CF181D and its LCoS display in action. Here’s a re-post of his review.

The LG CF181D was set up in his living room on a Da-Lite Model B pull down screen. The pictures below were snapped on a Canon T1i 15 megapixel DSLR camera.

“I brought home the new LG CF181D projector and I have to say it’s now one of my top choices. The LG CF181D has dead-on color. It’s easy for projectors to handle saturated images like animation and sports. The hard part is the very subtle shades of color like on HBO’s “The Pacific” (below). Sharpness is outstanding on this LCoS projector, rivaling the Epson HC8500 and Panasonic AE4000.”

The LG CF181D delivers nuanced color. Check out all the shades in the background.

“After some tweaks to the image, like lowering the lamp mode and brightness, I got black levels that looked very good to me.”

The LG CF181D handles black and shades of gray extremely well.

“We watched Avatar the Friday after it came out. I had a dozen friends and neighbors over and we were all amazed. The image was jaw dropping!”

Rich said this scene looks even better in person.

“If Management said, ‘Rich, you can go to the warehouse and take any projector you want’ (highly unlikely, but a man can dream!), this is the one I would bring home.”

LG CF181D Quick Specs

Here are the manufacturer’s specifications for the LG CF181D.

  • Resolution: HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Display Type: LCOS; 0.61″ SXRD (120hz)
  • Brightness: 1800 lumens
  • Contrast: 35000:1
  • Weight: 21.6 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Lamp Life: 3000 hours

“Also worth noting – this is a very quiet and slick looking projector.”

Want Your Own LG CF181D?

We sure do! Check out the LG CF181D here for more information, including how to get your paws on one!