Projector videos from CES 2012

Last month Projector People attended the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The exhibit was a sensory circus with 50-ft passive 3D displays, flashing lights and audio blasting from every other booth.

For us, CES is a time to connect with representatives of the brands we sell on We have the opportunity to learn about upcoming releases and new features. We also get to pass on valuable feedback from you, our customers and fellow projector fans, about changes you’d like to see in future products. Like us, our manufacturers highly value your feedback.

We were able to shoot a few videos during our time in Vegas. See below for updates from Vivitek, Optoma and InFocus. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter profiles for continued information on new releases, projector news and price drops.

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Vivitek’s new Qumi Q5 line

Douglas gives us the inside scoop on the new Vivitek Qumi line due out this summer. Built-in web browser and an optional 4-hour battery pack? We’re in.

Optoma HD33, a closer look

Learn more about one of our most popular 3D projectors.

New releases from InFocus

Dave shows off InFocus‘ current lineup as well as new short-throw and mobile projectors.

InFocus wins a Best in Tech award

infocus review

Kudos to InFocus, who recently won a Best in Tech award from Scholastic Administrator magazine.

Reviewer and educator Chris Craft praised the Infocus IN3916‘s performance in the classroom.

He uses the projector to take his class on “interactive field trips” with Google Earth. His students love the Infocus IN3916‘s interactive wand. His fellow teachers love that they’re no longer tethered to the blackboard.

Read the full review here».

Get your own Infocus IN3916 now!

Projector People in C A R S O N magazine!

Projector People and InFocus recently teamed up with Carson Magazine, the brand spanking new publication from graphic designer David Carson.

The good folks at Carson needed a projector to shoot high-def images and videos on the walls of their ginormous LA office. We set them up with the 4,000-lumen InFocus IN5108, which is designed to deliver HD images with amazing detail and clarity.

Carson will feature Projector People and InFocus in their debut issue, set to hit the streets in the coming weeks. In the meantime, they sent us the image at right to show the projector at work in a photo shoot.

Pretty cool, eh?

Free projector lamps with select InFocus projectors

Who doesn’t love the word “free?”

And who doesn’t love InFocus projectors?

Right now, InFocus is giving away free projector lamps by mail-in rebate with the purchase of select projectors. Check out the list below. The promotion ends at the end of September.

Get a free replacement lamp with these InFocus projectors:

Select InFocus projectors also feature a $50 mail-in rebate.

Visit our projector rebates page for a complete list of great deals on projectors from InFocus and more.

InFocus Projectors and Content Over USB

Is DisplayLink the Missing Link (to an easy presentation)?

InFocus is on the move with some great new projector technology in their latest line of portable projectors. The IN3100 line (see short list below) includes one of the cooler new technologies to come to projectors in years – DisplayLink. You might also hear this referred to as “content over USB”. So why is this technology cool and how is it the Missing Link to easy presentations? Read on… or watch our video with Benjamin Joy from InFocus discussing DisplayLink.

Watch and learn about InFocus DisplayLink technology.

Travel Lighter

If you travel with your projector, you know that while cables are small, they can still add some bulk and weight to your carry bag. And the largest cable most Road Warriors have to travel with is the old standard VGA cable. It may not weigh a full pound, but it’s pretty bulky as cables go. With new DisplayLink technology, you can leave the big VGA cable at home and replace it with a much smaller and lighter USB 2.0 connector. It’s the same kind of USB cable you use for many digital cameras or PDAs with the smaller end connecting to the projector, and the larger end coming out of your computer.

InFocus Content Over USB

Even More Pluggier and Player

Beyond traveling lighter, you also get some improved usability with DisplayLink products. When you plug in your USB cable into the computer and projector, the DisplayLink technology is smart enough to determine the best matching resolution automatically. It also magically determines how to mirror the content on laptop and projector when possible. That question alone, according to Ben Joy, InFocus Product Manager, accounts for about 80% of their tech support calls. And here at Projector People, we get that question all the time too. So, if you’re a projector rookie, this is a feature that will spare you some first-time frustration.

Is It Tricky to Set Up?

It doesn’t seem to be. The software for the DisplayLink technology is loaded on the projector, so all you do is plug in the cable and the software comes directly off the projector to your laptop. You can get the software on as many computers as you want, there is no limit as there sometimes is with wireless software. And, with multi-display capability, you can connect up to six projectors at once from one computer. This feature also allows users to present content from multiple sources during meetings, making it very handy for videoconferences and collaborative meetings where two or more inputs need to be shown simultaneously.

Now Mac Compatible!

In January of 2009, InFocus announced that their DisplayLink technology is now Mac compatible. That’s a good thing since many tech support teams don’t know how to troubleshoot for Apple computers.

[ See all InFocus Projectors here» and a selection of InFocus projectors with DisplayLink below ]

So, DisplayLink looks to be about as Plug and Play as you can get. And since it’s built-in to the new line of InFocus portable projectors, just about any new InFocus portable should have it. Ask your Projector Expert for details.