Home Theater Packages Under $2300

Keeping the current economic times in mind, our friends at Electronic House have posted a story about a fella who spent under $2300 on his home theater. Of course we know many people who have achieved a goal like this one, but we thought the story was worth sharing – particularly because we have a number of options for packages under $2300.

From Electronic House :

Shawn Lyman has to laugh. He sees “Electronic House” profile $25,000—and even $5,000—theaters as “budget.” However, he is the biggest super-saver of them all. He spent a mere $2,000 on his theater room, and has never looked back—except to check in on his equipment, of course. …

Is a $25,000 home theater really $20,000 better than a $5,000 theater? I don’t know. But $20,000 might as well be $1 million to me. But is a $5,000 theater noticeably better than a $2,500 theater? Professional quality audio, electric screen, quality cables, universal remote are all nice touches, but the image, is still the real crucial element in creating a great theater. If you ask me. Since there are some great projectors for under $2,000 – you can really do a LOT with $2300 – as the featured theater shows.

… While many audiophiles may pooh-pooh Shawn’s decision to add a 720p projector, it has served him well for over two years. Optoma’s unit was the first 720p DLP projectors under the $1,000 mark, and he was eager at that time (and price). “At 100 inches, I love the 720p and really only think the 1080p would be helpful over a 100-inch screen size,” he says. “You just can’t resolve the detail differences between 720p and 1080p at those smaller sizes at 10- to 15-feet viewing distances… It doesn’t really matter that it’s 720p or 1080p. It’s HD.” Of course, he’s hoping that the new house will warrant a larger screen—and a 1080p projector.

Link to full story on Electronic House complete with pictures and comments.

The good news for all Electronic House readers is that 1080p projectors are cheaper now. None are under $999 like that Optoma DLP projector, however, we still have several available packages with 1080p resolution projectors at under $2300.

Three 1080p Projector Packages Under $2300

Sample Home Theater under $2300

And now for our selection of low priced 1080p packages. If you wanted to do exactly what Shawn did you’d have to add a bit of cash for your riser, carpet, and the sound system because those items aren’t part of the packages we are listing. However, the core video components are all here.

[ Image : Sample home theater from our customer showroom. Read more about this theater and view other customer theaters. ]

Home Cinema 6100 Home Theater Package

  • Epson Home Cinema 6100
  • Sanus mount
  • Liberty Cable HDMI Cable, 8 meters Cable
  • Elite Manual Screen

Package Price: $2,150

More Package Details : Click here

Mitsubishi HC5500 Simple Bundle

  • Mitsubishi HC5500
  • Sanus Systems VMPR1 Universal Projector Mount, Black
  • AccuScreens Fixed Frame Screen with Velvet Frame
  • Liberty Cable HDMI Cable, 12 meters

Package Price: $2,199 (PLUS $300 rebate and Free lamp)

More Package Details : Click here

Sanyo PLV-Z700 Just the Basics 1080p Package

  • Sanyo PLV-Z700
  • Sanus Systems VMPR1 Universal Projector Mount, black
  • Elite Manual Screen
  • Liberty Cable HDMI Cable, 12 meters

Package Price : $1,569 (after $200 rebate)

More Package Details : Click here

Make Your Own Custom Package

If you’d rather steer your own ship, here are some of the lower priced components that are good to build from from projectors to screens and mounts.

Budget Package Components

1080p Projector Optionsfrom $1,359 (after rebate)
Mitsubishi HC5500
Epson Home Cinema 6100
Sanyo PLV-Z700

720p Projector Options – from $779
Panasonic P-AX200U
Mitsubishi HC1600

Unfortunately we can’t post the lowest prices here, but if you click the links and add the products to cart you will see our lowest price.

Money Saver Screens – from $99
Elite Manual
Draper Luma Pulldown
AccuScreen Fixed Frame

Inexpensive Mounts – from $89
Sanus Universal Mount
Chief RPA-U Universal Mount

Leave room for a BluRay player (or better yet, a Playstation 3, some good cables, and if you don’t already have some dedicated audio, you will need that too. The sky is the limit for audio prices, but there are some good cheap (in a box) options out there.

So there you have the ticket to creating your own home theater under $2300. You can check out Shawn’s complete equipment list too. Just follow the link below to the complete story.

[ Link to full story on Electronic House ]