Hitachi’s WT-1 wireless tablet

Hitachi recently came by the Projector Headquarters to show off their new WT-1 wireless tablet. This lightweight interactive tablet is a perfect solution for business and education.

Intuitive and easy to use, the Hitachi WT-1 allows you to interact with your audience as you present and edit Word Docs and PowerPoint Presentations. No more presentations spent chained to the computer or laptop!

Hitachi WT-1 wireless tablet

The Hitachi WT-1 was designed to allow a more natural way of communicating your thoughts. With the WT-1, you can quickly and easily write notes, mark up digital documents and videos, make quick sketches, and sign your name.

Compact and portable, the WT-1‘s design allows you to present up to 30 feet away from the computer. The easily accessible function keys on the top of the tablet provide quick access to software shortcuts that minimize dependence on the keyboard for uninterrupted work sessions.

Now you can mark up Word documents, videos and PowerPoint presentations with digital ink. Then save your notes and recall them later when you regroup with the class or your team. Genius!

Hitachi WT-1 specs

  • Up to 16 hours of wireless operation
  • Recharge battery via USB/AC adapter
  • Wireless pen, 2 customizable buttons
  • Multiple pairing up to 7 devices
  • 16 software shortcut buttons
  • Built-in LCD indicator panel
  • 2.4G Radio Frequency connection
  • Includes StarBoard Software

Only $499. Get yours today here»

The Hitachi WT-1 wireless tablet in action

Hitachi marketing manager Alan Sylvia came by to show us the WT-1 in action.

Check out the videos below as he shows us how to use the tablet’s included pen to customize the projected image. The second video demonstrates how the tablet allows you to create interactive presentations, and the final clip shows the Hitachi WT-1‘s video editing capabilities.