Casio’s Hybrid Light Source: A Closer Look

Casio Green Slim Projector

Casio Green Slim projectors’ new Hybrid Light Source has the potential to rock the projector world. It is the first mercury-free light source capable of high-brightness projection. This could be a projector game-changer, folks.

Mercury Lamps vs Casio Green Slim’s Hybrid Light Source

Until now, mercury lamps were the standard light source for most home theater and business projectors. Mercury lamps could deliver when it came to brightness, but they needed to be replaced after an average of 3,000 hours. Mercury lamps could also leak harmful materials into the ground if disposed of improperly.

Semiconductor light sources, like LED and lasers, were more desirable because they last longer and are better for the environment. But until now, these could only be used as light sources for small, low-lumen projectors. The problem was the color green. No one could figure out a high-output method for producing green light that could be mass produced.

Casio Green Slim Hybrid Light Source Technology

Casio changed the game with their Hybrid Light Source, which employs a laser, a fluorescent element and an LED. In Casio Green Slim projectors, the fluorescent element converts blue laser light into green light. These two shades of light, and light emitted by a red LED, are projected through a DLP® chip onto the screen.

The result is a crisp, clear, 2,000 – 2,5000 lumen picture that is environmentally-friendly and cost-conscious.

Benefits of Casio’s Hybrid Light Source

Unlike mercury lamps, the Hybrid Light Source doesn’t burn out. Casio estimates the Hybrid Light Source will save the average user $800 after 6,000 hours of use compared to traditional mercury lamps. That practically pays for the projector!

Added perks of the Casio Green Slim’s Hybrid Light Source

  • Instant off function, no more waiting for projectors to cool down
  • The projector and light source are backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty
  • Thinnest high brightness projector in the industry at 1.7 inches thick and a mere 5 lbs
  • Wide-angle 2X optical zoom for use in diverse settings, ranging from small meeting spaces to large conference rooms
  • USB host function for projection without a PC and capability for wireless communication with PCs
  • HDMI terminal

The Casio Green Slim projector line starts at $799. See our full line of Casio projectors.

Still have a mercury lamp-based projector? Dispose of your lamp properly with Projector People’s Projector Lamp Recycling Program.