Memorial Day Home Theater Projector Deals!

Happy Memorial Day

Kick back and enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend with extra savings on our most popular home theater projectors. This weekend only, we are serving up these deals:

Deeper Discounts, More Free Stuff

Free gifts with purchase!

Our Memorial Day lamp warranty deal is in addition to our current special of a FREE 25 foot HDMI 1.3 cable, FREE universal projector ceiling mount, and FREE AVIA II video calibration DVD. All but lamp warranty offer good now through 5/31/09, or while supplies last. Lamp warranty offer ends 05/25/09. Shipping charges apply to promotional items.

Deal of the Day Inside Scoop!

Panasonic PT-AX200 Deal of the Day

We will also be offering a sweet Deal of the Day from Saturday to Monday at midnight. It’s a newly constructed Panasonic PT-AX200U package deal for a great price! This is also in addition to the free AVIA disc.

  • Mega-Deal of the Day with a Panasonic PT-AX200U package for just $999! (Deal begins Saturday 12:00am and ends Monday 12:00pm.)

Memorial Day Weekend Only! Deals end May 25th, 2009!

Recently Reduced Sanyo Home Theater!

Sanyo Price Drops

We have recently improved our already competitive coupon discounts on the three Sanyo models below. But due to manufacturer restrictions, we cannot display our lowest price until our coupon code (SANYOSAVE) is added to your cart. So, click and add these projectors to see the Projector People discount for each of these fine Sanyo home theater models.

*Add to cart and use coupon code “SANYOSAVE” to view your discount!

Epson Home Cinema 6500UB Projector : New $500 Rebate and Demo Video

New Deal – $500 mail-in Rebate

We have just added a new more aggressive $500 rebate (bettering the previous $200 rebate) on the Epson Home Cinema 6500 UB projector. That puts the selling price around $2499 after rebate, making it more competitive with the very popular Panasonic PT-AE3000U.

New Rebate Details

  • Increased from $200 to $500 mail-in rebate.
  • Valid on purchases between 2/23/09 – 03/31/09.
  • Cannot be combined with previous rebate offer.

Epson Home Cinema 6500UB Now in Video Demo Showroom!

We have just added the HC6500UB to our online demo room so you can compare it to other 1080p home theater projectors – or even stack it up against a 720p product just for fun. The HC 6500 UB looks very good. But remember we use “out-of-the-box” settings for each unit, and the image/color can be adjusted for the best performance in your setting.

In addition to the HC 6500 UB, we have also added the Epson Home Cinema 6100 (the lower priced, lower contrast, 1080p cousin of the 6500 UB) as well as the Optoma TX1080 and a cross-over business/home theater projector from NEC, the NP901W.

Visit our Video Demo Showroom and compare our most popular home theater projectors side-by-side.

View High Resolution Video of Projectors in Action

In addition to our head-to-head comparison videos, we also have higher resolution video available for download for those who want a larger, more detailed picture. Below are links to the files for the high-res videos of our most recently added projectors.

Spec Comparison Tool

What’s the difference between the Epson HC6100 and HC6500 UB on paper? With our comparison chart tool, you can see how up to three projectors stack up against each other spec for spec. Compare the full manufacturer spec sheets on up to three projectors. View sample spec comparison sheet.

Thank You for Your Suggestions!

As always, we thank you for your product suggestions for our video demo room. I have had a number of users requesting that we add JVC RS series video, but we there are a few issues with making that happen. We will see what we can do in the future though. We also had some Mitsubishi models suggested that we are still looking into. Thanks again for participating. Keep the suggestions coming!

Frame Interpolation : Is it an Issue?

Our friends at Projector Central have recently posted a great article about “Frame Interpolation.” This has been the topic on some of the larger AV Fourm sites (like and has also been mentioned by some of our customers. We had intended to post about the issue, but Projector Central beat us to the punch. They have a very informed and complete report on the issue, so I am going to link to them and follow up with your report later. Here are some excerpts.

In the past four months we’ve seen several new 1080p projectors released with a feature known generically as frame interpolation. The new Epson 7500UB and 6500UB have it, as does the Sanyo Z3000 and the Panasonic AE3000. Epson calls it FineFrame, Sanyo calls it Smooth Motion, and Panasonic calls it Frame Creation. But it is all the same concept: the projector evaluates the differences between individual frames of film or video, and creates interim frames to be inserted between the real frames in the source. The objective is to reduce motion judder and provide a cleaner, more artifact-free viewing of film and video material.

Two complaints have been circulating about frame interpolation technology. One is that it can make a movie look more like digital video, something which people are calling, somewhat derisively, the Soap Opera effect. In essence, the complaint is that it makes a film, which has a slightly surreal and sensual quality, look like a CNN Situation Room HD broadcast, which by comparison is hard, cold, clear, and real (sometimes disturbingly real). When James Bond begins to look like Wolf Blitzer, you know you have a problem.

The second complaint is that, while frame interpolation can reduce or eliminate much of the film judder we see in movies, it sometimes introduces other artifacts which may be just as problematic. For example, instead of the judder, we may see some ghosting as subjects move across the screen, or some unnatural disintegration of the picture during momentary fast pans of the camera.

These complaints are well-founded. Some frame interpolation systems do indeed produce these undesirable side effects. But if it is done well, the picture can be virtually free of artifacts while it retains that mystical film quality. Ideally, what you will see is a clean, stable, but still filmlike image that many will find irresistibly engaging.

When to Use Frame Interpolation

… Among the 1080p projectors that have frame interpolation, the Epson 6500 UB produce a more obvious digital video effect than do either the Panasonic AE3000 or the Sanyo Z3000. Thus, we would not use the 6500 UB’s frame interpolation when viewing regular movies. However, this does not mean that it has no application. For example, if you happen to be a fan of animated films, the digital video effect is irrelevant. The Pixar movie Cars has a reasonable amount of judder and flicker when played at 1080p/24. But when you engage the frame interpolation system on the Epson 6500UB, it has nothing but a beneficial effect on the image.

… If you watch a lot of sports in HD on channels broadcasting in 1080i, you may find frame interpolation particularly attractive. For whatever soap opera effects are present in the video system you have, they are irrelevant in sports – you want that maximum reality effect. Of course, Fox Sports, ESPN, and ABC all broadcast in 60p format, so frame interpolation is not needed. But with sports broadcasts in 1080i, it can help.

So as Projector Central sees it, use the Frame Interpolation when watching sports broadcast in 1080i, animated digital films, HD music concerts, but not when watching some regular films – though the degree of video noise can vary by title. There is dissent in the user comments, but then there’s always dissent in the comments! So to read the entire article click here. Its a slightly longer, but easy read.

Art over at Projector Reviews mentioned this in his Epson 6500UB review :

As mentioned above, I consider frame interpolation to be a secondary feature, far less important overall, than black levels, brightness, sharpness, and color accuracy. Most of us never missed it, and, so far, the Epson UBs are part of a very short list of projectors that do support 96 and 120 fps interpolation.

In a perfect world, Epson will solve this, and come up with a firmware fix. If they do so, excellent, but even with these issues, my enthusiasm for this projector remains strong.

He also explains with a bit more details what is actually happening with each of the frame modes on the Epson 6500UB. You can read the entire review here. The afformentioned bit is just a few paragraphs up from the bottom of the page above and below the football image.

So that’s a broad overview of the Frame Interpolation for you. We will keep you posted on the issue as the information comes out.