Projector Central Reviews the Epson Ensemble HD Home Theater System

Projector Central got a hold of an Epson Ensemble HD 6100 package and has just published their review. We wanted to make you aware of it and throw in one or two thoughts which you can take or leave. Below are some quotes pulled from the review. You can also just read the full review on Projector Central.

Projector Central says :

“The Ensemble is designed not to be the ultimate in home theater, but to be an all in one, easy to install solution that eliminates the mystery of assembling all of the components on your own. It is meant for the person who likes the idea of big home theater with a front projector and big, bold surround sound, but isn’t quite sure where to start, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time in research and product selection. It is meant for the typical consumer who wants home theater but doesn’t want to turn it into a full time job or hobby.”

Exactly sir! The real reason this product should be a big seller is in the details. Our customer service team installed the entire system in one of our conference rooms and they were able to complete the task in a work day.

Projector Central says :

“But the real “Wow” factor of the Ensemble isn’t found in the spec sheets. It’s actually very simple: if someone told you five years ago that you could have a complete home theater, with 5.1 surround and a high-definition front projector, for less than $7,500, you would have laughed. Today, it is available at over 200 dealers around the country, as well as two authorized online resellers for the do-it-yourself crowd. If you are looking for a great big screen solution with the full surround sound experience, and want it installed in short order with no muss or fuss, the Epson Ensemble may be just the solution.”

We second (or third that if you read the Projector Reviews overview) that emotion. And not only have they made the price reasonable (not cheap, but very reasonable), they have removed a great cost to the customer in hassle. So the customer who is willing to pay a little more (and not much more) to spare the cost of hassle, should recognize that an Epson Ensemble system is a serious bargain.

Anyway, enough of our overview. Slide on over to Projector Central and read the complete Epson Ensemble HD system review here.

Epson Ensemble HD Packages Reviewed by Projector Reviews

Epson Ensemble HD home cinema package

Art Feierman over at takes a long look at the Epson Ensemble HD packages and pens a thorough review for your reading pleasure. We pulled a few excerpts from his review and are adding just a touch of our own commentary, though none of us have seen the entire system in action yet.

Last month we talked about all the ‘pieces parts’ in the Ensemble HD packages and went over some of the basics of what’s involved in the installation. We also taped our introduction to the product from Epson’s Jeff Paiva. You can see that blog post here.

Early in his review, Art talks about what he sees as the target demographic for the Ensemble packages.

“The thing is, while many hard core enthusiasts will love the whole package, they aren’t the market that the Ensemble HD is really targeted at.

The whole concept was to make building a projector based home theater in your house to be not significantly more complicated than installing one of those tiny 50 inch LCDTVs and surround sound system, and maybe less so.

That’s the core reason I’m so enthusiastic about the concept. Most non-hard core enthusiasts prefer to avoid having to figure out their room, separately selecting projector, screen, AV receiver, DVD/Blu-ray player, speakers, subwoofer, a programmable remote (and programming it), and the much longer times it would take for all the individual components to be assembled and installed.”

Art goes on to review each of the three systems independently, which is essentially the Home Cinema 720, Home Cinema 6100, and the Home Cinema 6500 UB – plus all the additional stuff. Below I took a paragraph or two from the 6500 UB Ensemble review.

“My theater 2 in my home has an Ensemble HD (with the older projector). I love it. For me, it also keeps my wife and daughter out of my primary theater, my wife loves it (and she can turn it on and use it all by herself) . She’s much too intimidated to run my main theater (all those remotes, etc). My daughter loves it too, not just for the picture but for the “rock’in sound quality.

I will continue to be a huge fan of the Ensemble concept (and similar products from other brands that likely will hit the market), because, as I like to say, “this is the solution for everyone else.” “Everyone else” might be defined as those who just want a painless way to get a quality, large screen home theater system in their house, with the minimum of fuss, and without requiring a ton of research to come up with a good solution. In other words, the kind of folks who have considered a projector based home theater system, but were too intimidated, and instead plunked down the bucks for a big LCDTV.”

We have to agree with Art whole-heartedly on this one. The concept is a great one for those people who don’t want to have to do extensive research, but still want a complete package. Just like we said in our earlier blog about the Epson Ensemble HD packages, they really are *everything* you need in one purchase.

Projector Central may be reviewing the Ensemble HD packages soon too, we will try and post that here too when it is complete.

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