Shootout: Panasonic PT-AE4000U, LG CF181D and InFocus SP8602

This morning we had an impromptu shootout of our top offerings in each display category. We compared the Panasonic PT-AE4000U (LCD, 1600 lumens, 100,000:1 contrast ratio), LG CF181D (LCoS, 1800 lumens 35,000:1 contrast ratio) and the InFocus SP8602 (DLP, 1300 lumens 30,000:1 contrast ratio).

In the video below, the Panasonic is on top, the InFocus on the bottom left and the LG on the bottom right. Please note, this was a very impromptu shootout. We happened to have three awesome 1080p projectors in the same room and couldn’t resist the opportunity to compare LCoS, LCD and DLP displays. You’ll notice at times the screen is leaning against the wall, which causes a keystone effect and naturally softens the focus of the Panasonic projector.

Our initial impressions:

  • We were really amazed with the brightness and contrast of the LG CF181D. It was so bright, in fact, it may appear blown-out on the video.
  • We had to play with the LG‘s color settings to match the Panasonic and InFocus. The “warm” mode delivered the most life-like colors.
  • At 120 hz, the InFocus delivered amazing motion. However, our overly-sensitive eyes picked up a few rainbows during certain action scenes.

What do you see?

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P.S. – From 1:43 on, the shootout was filmed with the new Cisco Flip Ultra HD camera. Want one? Call a Projector Expert.