Casio Projectors’ Double Life as Digital Signage Displays

Everyone knows you shouldn’t turn a regular projector on its side. Doing so disrupts the lamp’s cooling system, drastically reducing the life of your light source, and in some cases, ruining your projector.

 digital signage
Casio Green Slim projectors offer a low-cost alternative to traditional digital signage displays like the one above.

Enter Casio Green Slim projectors. Equipped with Casio’s hybrid light source technology, these projectors are lamp-free and not susceptible to the trials and tribulations of normal projectors.

In fact, a wide XGA resolution Casio Green Slim projector, rotated on its side, doubles as a long-lasting and very affordable digital signage display.

Take the Casio XJM250. At a little more than $1,000, this projector is capable of producing a 300-inch diagonal image, perfect for a large-scale vertical digital signage display. Try finding a traditional digital signage display that can produce an image that big for that cheap! A 60-inch LCD display can easily cost six to seven times that much.

Of course, you’ll want a projector that’s bright enough to overpower the ambient light surrounding your digital signage display. The 3,000-lumen Casio XJM250 should do the trick, but call a Projector Expert at 1-888-248-0675 if you have any questions about your setup.