InFocus DisplayLink now Supporting Mac

DisplayLink InFocus
InFocus recently announced that it will soon offer Mac support to its line of DisplayLink-enabled projectors. A new driver is now available for download to allow Mac users to join the InFocus fold right now. InFocus reports that Mac support will be built-in to InFocus DisplayLink projectors by the end of next month.

What is DisplayLink?

DisplayLink technology uses a computer’s USB port to deliver a video signal a supported InFocus projector. This is a handy feature for multiple users, and for users who may have very limited carying space for cables. Here’s what the InFocus site says about DisplayLink™ :

With new InFocus projectors featuring DisplayLink™, all you have to do is connect your PC or Mac to your projector with a simple USB cable and start projecting! DisplayLink technology makes it easier than ever to set up for a presentation and start projecting – saving everyone valuable time!

Do you ever need to display more than one “window” at a time? Do you ever want to project your presentation on more than one screen at the same time? With DisplayLink you can take advantage of up to six projectors* that can act either as independent displays or all show the same content at once.

*depending on your video card’s capabilities.

DisplayLink’s Supported Mac OS
OS X 10.4.11 through 10.5.5. It supports all Intel-based Mac systems.

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