Blu-ray calibration discs now available from Projector People

Get more from your home theater setup with our new Disney Blu-ray Calibration Discs.

Disney Blu-ray calibration discs

Whether you’re a home theater pro or a newbie, this detailed guide offers step-by-step instructions on optimizing your home theater projector or TV for Blu-ray playback. Learn how to adjust your projector for optimal brightness, contrast and color, and find the best audio settings for your speaker system.

The disc comes with beginner, advanced and expert guides. All come with simple instructions. All are led by Goofy.

Blu-ray calibration disc reviews:

Here’s what the critics say:

“Introduced at the CEDIA show in September, the WOW discs are by far the most extensively comprehensive calibration discs yet offered, in terms of their ability to effectively coach consumers through the process of understanding various video and audio adjustments, as well as providing a wealth of pristine source material that could only come from a media giant such as Disney.” – The AVGuide

“I begrudgingly admit this disc is fantastic.” – The HD Guru (dude, cheer up!)

“WOW: World of Wonder … sets the bar for calibration suites ” –

Blu-ray calibration disc tips for optimal results:

  • Make the tweaks in the same viewing environment in which you would use your projector
  • The labels for controls used in the instructions may be different from the names used in the menus on your projector. Please refer to your owner’s manual if you have any questions (or call a Projector Expert!)

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