What students have to say about classroom technology

If you want to know how students learn, just ask them.

Projector People had the privilege to interview a few sixth-grade students in Ms. Janet Tolson’s math class at Seven Springs Middle School in Pasco County, Florida. We wanted to know what they thought about using technology in the classroom to improve their learning.

classroom technology

What do kids think about classroom technology? We got to find out.

We asked Rachel, a student in Ms. Tolson’s class, what technology she already uses at school to improve learning.

“We do research on the computer,” Rachel said. “One of my teachers has an interactive projector which helps me to understand things better. I have an iPad and can purchase books to read on it. My sister is in high school, and she has an iPad and uses it there. I also use technology at home for learning, like Study Island and Coolmath.com for math facts.”


When we asked what she thought it would be like to have all of her textbooks on a digital device, Rachel answered that while it would be nice not having to carry around a backpack, students might not be prepared to take care of technology devices. She also said she’d still like to use textbooks.

Emma, Ellen and Chandler from Ms. Tolson’s class provided us with more valuable insight. Here are a few of their quotes:

“Having an iPad would keep you from carrying books. We could get digital books from the school website. Kids would know how to use any device if their teachers know what websites to show us.”


Interactive projectors would help to visualize concepts, because the teacher can write on them.”


“We use the computer lab but are allowed to bring digital readers to school.”


“We use Study Island for homework.”


“Teachers should use apps so kids could play and learn.”


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