Projector People Respond: 3 Reasons Why Churches are Behind the Technology Curve

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In a recent post for Church Mag, Chase Livingston shared his list of why churches are behind the technology curve. We agree that his reasons – money, knowledge, and the powers that be – can be major stumbling-blocks for churches trying to use technology to improve communication in their churches.

Here at Projector People, we work hard to help churches overcome these issues. Here’s how:

1. Money

Yes, technology upgrades can be expensive. But, recent advances in technology mean that the several thousand dollar projector you were considering last year can now be had for less than a grand. Lots of new product releases paired with the slowed economy means your church can see a major bang-for-the-buck if you’re in the market for a new projector right now.

Money-Saving Tip: Select manufacturers like NEC, InFocus, and Mitsubishi will allow you to trade-in a projector from any manufacturer for a reduced price on one of their latest models. Learn more!

2. Knowledge

The people who know projectors isn’t just our slogan here at PP. We’re here to help educate you before, during and after your purchase.

Unlike “big box” stores, we won’t leave you clueless and confused after you get your new projector in-hand. During the purchase process, you’re matched with a projector expert, who will help you identify your needs, select the right technology based on those needs and your budget, and provide technical support once your order is fulfilled.

Knowledge is power, and the Projector People are here to help!

3. Powers that Be

Chase puts it well when he says, “the people who make decisions about how the Church should spend its money, don’t necessarily agree with the ideas and initiatives put forward. While a new piece of equipment may be needed, they don’t understand the need, or at least don’t want to understand the need.”
Overcoming this issue can be easier when you are armed with knowledge. With the support of your projector expert, putting together a sound argument for why your church needs new technology (and how much it will actually cost!) can be painless.

But don’t take my word for it… see for yourself! Contact our projector experts today to get started on the road to implementing a new technology plan in your church!

Chase – what do you think?

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