Casio’s new Green Slim projectors: brighter, 3D-ready and more!

When Casio debuted their Green Slim projector line last year, we were blown away. The Casio Green Slims were the first projectors to do away with standard projector lamps in favor of a hybrid light source that combined laser and LED technology.

Casio Green Slim projectors

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Just recently, Casio released the latest addition to the Green Slim projector line, the XJM series.

These new Casio projectors also employ the hybrid light source, but unlike their predecessors, these projectors are 3D-ready and come with MobiShow, allowing you to stream content from your Smartphone. They are also brighter than previous models, reaching an impressive 3,000 lumens.

The projectors start at $899 and are on sale now. Check them out on our Casio projectors page.