Casio XJ-A150 Green Slim Projector Shootout

Casio recently came by to show off their new Casio XJ-A150 Green Slim projector, which is expected to hit our shelves on November 1, 2010.

At 3,000 lumens, the Casio XJ-A150 is Casio’s brightest Green Slim projector to date. Like other models, it employs Casio’s revolutionary Hybrid Light Source.

To accomplish this extraordinary brightness in its Green Slim line, Casio tweaked the wavelength of the blue laser and adjusted the phosphor element, which controls green light output. They also improved the alignment of the laser so that more light passes through the lens.

We set up the 3,000 lumen Casio XJ-A150 and the 2,500 lumen Casio XJ-A145 in our conference room for an impromptu shootout. Check out the video below.

The brighter Casio XJ-A150 is on the left, the Casio XJ-A145 is on the right. Both were filmed in their default settings.

What do you see?