Casio Projectors’ Double Life as Digital Signage Displays

Everyone knows you shouldn’t turn a regular projector on its side. Doing so disrupts the lamp’s cooling system, drastically reducing the life of your light source, and in some cases, ruining your projector.

 digital signage
Casio Green Slim projectors offer a low-cost alternative to traditional digital signage displays like the one above.

Enter Casio Green Slim projectors. Equipped with Casio’s hybrid light source technology, these projectors are lamp-free and not susceptible to the trials and tribulations of normal projectors.

In fact, a wide XGA resolution Casio Green Slim projector, rotated on its side, doubles as a long-lasting and very affordable digital signage display.

Take the Casio XJM250. At a little more than $1,000, this projector is capable of producing a 300-inch diagonal image, perfect for a large-scale vertical digital signage display. Try finding a traditional digital signage display that can produce an image that big for that cheap! A 60-inch LCD display can easily cost six to seven times that much.

Of course, you’ll want a projector that’s bright enough to overpower the ambient light surrounding your digital signage display. The 3,000-lumen Casio XJM250 should do the trick, but call a Projector Expert at 1-888-248-0675 if you have any questions about your setup.

New Casio SuperSlim Projector Lineup

There will soon be some new skinny kids on the block. Casio is updating it’s line of SuperSlim projectors with new features, including a widescreen option. If you are looking for a projector to present with, these are among the cream of the crop. Here’s a quick rundown of what they are offering in the new line.

World’s Thinnest Projectors

The Casio XJ-S68 and XJ-S63 are two of the brightest new products available in the world’s thinnest projector line. The new SuperSlim projectors are 43mm at their widest point and 32mm at their slimmest. The projectors are small, but bright, with 3500 lumens. That should make them a contender for most presenters, even those who present to larger groups. They can also project from as little as 2.75 feet up to 30 feet.

Other features of the Casio XJ-S68 and XJ-S63 include 2x power zoom and focus lens; automatic and manual vertical keystone correction ±30 degrees; RS-232 control; 1 watt mono speaker; security features, including compatibility with Kensington lock and power on password; and direct power on/off.

The XJ-S68 and XJ-S63 are both built on the same chassis, but there is a USB port on the XJ-S68 that can be used for wireless connectivity using a wireless adapter.

Expected Prices : $1,299 to $1,399
Shipping Date : September 2009

Widescreen SuperSlim

No, it is not a contradiction to be both SuperSlim and widescreen. At least not in this case. Casio has added the XJ-S43W as it’s first widescreen (1280 x 800) format ultraportable in the SuperSlim family. It’s sporting 2500 lumens, an 1800:1 contrast ratio, 2X zoom lens, auto keystone correction, HDMI input, and direct power on/off. It also has a wide projection range from 2.8 feet to 30 feet distance.

Expected Price : $999
Shipping Date : September 2009

And the Rest…

There are more projectors on SuperSlim Island. To round out the line Casio has the XJ-S58, XJ-S53, XJ-S48, XJ-S43, XJ-S38, and XJ-S33. Each of these new projectors offers a 2x power zoom and focus lens; ±30 degree automatic vertical keystone correction; RS-232 control; power on password and compatibility with Kensington lock; and direct power on/off. The essential differences are the brightness, and USB connection for wireless.

The XJ-S58, XJ-S48, and XJ-S38 all feature a USB host function that will allow for wireless connectivity through an optional WiFi receiver and for computer-free presentations with USB storage devices.

Expected Prices : $699 to $1,199
Shipping Date : TBD

New Lineup En Brief

Casio Projectors : Brightness by Model
3500 lumens : XJ-S63, XJ-S68

3000 lumens : XJ-S52, XJ-S57 (with USB)
2700 lumens : XJ-S42, XJ-S47 (with USB)
2500 lumens : XJ-SC210, XJ-SC215 (with USB), XJ-S43W (WXGA)
2300 lumens : XJ-S32, XJ-S37 (with USB)

Bonus Casio Treat!

We also came across this creative application for Casio video projectors. On this Make TV episode creative designer artist types use what appear to be Casio SuperSlim projectors to “transform public spaces into massive sound and light shows.” It’s a pretty cool video. Check it out here.

[ See Make TV Episode Here ]

New Business Projector Selector


We have just added a new Business Projector Selector to the Projector People website. It’s a simple way to find a projector for some of the most common uses. To save you time scouring the specs for the right product, we make one sure fire winner projector for each of our most common business user types.

Here is our quick Q&A with our most current product suggestions :

Business Presenter : “I am a Road Warrior, is there a projector that is better for traveling?”

Suggested Projector : Casio XJ-S41B

Business Presenter : “I need my conference room projector to be bright with the lights on. What have you got for me?”

Suggested Projector : Toshiba TLP-XE30U

Business Presenter : “I am like a rock star. I present to hundreds of people. I need a projector that can hang.”

Suggested Projector : BenQ SP920P

Business Presenter : “I work hard and I play hard. I need a projector that’s a performer at work and at home for sports and movies.”

Suggested Projector : Optoma EP1691

Business Presenter : “My business is watching movies and I want to go HD.”

Suggested Projector : Panasonic PT-AE3000U

We will try and keep this list updated as time goes on so that you always have the latest and greatest in stock selections to choose from. See the live link here. Thanks for reading!