New business projector resources

Finding the perfect business projector just got easier. We’ve added new resources on to help you update your office or conference room. Need a projector for large, 200-plus audiences? We have that covered too.

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New Business Projector Selector


We have just added a new Business Projector Selector to the Projector People website. It’s a simple way to find a projector for some of the most common uses. To save you time scouring the specs for the right product, we make one sure fire winner projector for each of our most common business user types.

Here is our quick Q&A with our most current product suggestions :

Business Presenter : “I am a Road Warrior, is there a projector that is better for traveling?”

Suggested Projector : Casio XJ-S41B

Business Presenter : “I need my conference room projector to be bright with the lights on. What have you got for me?”

Suggested Projector : Toshiba TLP-XE30U

Business Presenter : “I am like a rock star. I present to hundreds of people. I need a projector that can hang.”

Suggested Projector : BenQ SP920P

Business Presenter : “I work hard and I play hard. I need a projector that’s a performer at work and at home for sports and movies.”

Suggested Projector : Optoma EP1691

Business Presenter : “My business is watching movies and I want to go HD.”

Suggested Projector : Panasonic PT-AE3000U

We will try and keep this list updated as time goes on so that you always have the latest and greatest in stock selections to choose from. See the live link here. Thanks for reading!