Compare projector videos with our business and home theater demo rooms

We have a new tool to help you make smarter projector purchase decisions!

projector video

Now you can find the best projector for your business, classroom or house of worship with our brand spanking new business projector demo room.

Here, see 13 of our most popular projectors display a colorful PowerPoint in low, medium and high ambient light conditions. Compare two projectors in side-by-side video to find the projector that best fits your needs.

To help you with your purchase decision, you can also find the projectors’ specs, prices and availability in our demo room.

All of the projector videos were shot with the same camera under standardized lighting conditions.

Don’t forget, you can also research your next home theater projector purchase with our popular home theater projector demo room.

Which projectors would you like to see featured in future projector videos?