Save money with our demo projector sales page!

Here at Projector People, we offer customers plenty of ways to save even more money on our everyday low prices.

There’s our deals page, where we feature all of our special prices, projector sales and promotions. Our Facebook fans and Twitter followers get updates on our Deals of the Day projector sales. And our Projector People Post subscribers find weekly projector price specials in their inbox every Tuesday.

Now, we’ve debuted yet another way for you to get the best prices on our projectors.

Meet the Demo Projector Sales page.

Here, we sell the projectors our experts briefly used in trainings and demonstrations. The projectors include the full manufacturer warranty. Manufacturer rebates also apply.

You can search our Demo Projector Sales page by manufacturer, or simply search our website for a particular projector. If a demo unit is available, you’ll see a note below the green ‘add to cart’ button.

demo projector sales

Demo projectors are not eligible for free shipping.

TIP: If you want to buy something from the demo list, jump on it. Quantities are limited.

Check out our demo inventory here»