The World Cup on the LG CF181D

The World Cup on a LG CF181D projector and Black Diamond screen

Be honest, how did you watch the World Cup at work today?

The Projector People set up a LG CF181D projector and a Black Diamond screen to watch the American team square off against Slovenia. Check out the pics.

You’ll see the LG CF181D, at 1,800 lumens, and the Black Diamond screen easily overpowered the fluorescent lights in our office.

The World Cup on a LG CF181D projector

With the lights off, the image was simply stellar.

We streamed the game from a laptop through a VGA cable, which greatly reduced the image quality. Still, it’s better than trying to watch it on the computer without your boss catching you!

All that’s missing are the vuvuzelas.

Now come on, USA!