Why Buy When You Can DIY?

Why do we DIY? We do it often times out of necessity or an opportunity to use our brains. More than anything it is a statement of personal freedom.  In this time of economic uncertainty, this era has been pegged “the Age of the DIYers.” YouTube and Google have become professors to a new generation seeking to experience some of the luxuries of life without spending a lot of money.

DIY home theater 2

Setting up a home theater space is no exception. You don’t need to pay an installer to set up an awesome, professional-looking entertainment space.  Break out the measuring tape and the rusty hammer and use your own ingenuity to convert your empty space into a media palace.

Here at Projector People, we offer a wide range of projectors, screens and accessories to fit diverse setups and budgets, and can even create a custom bundle just for you.

In addition to all of our educational resources (Did you know we have a dedicated Resources section?), there are many sites to help you choose the correct projection unit, screen and sound system for your unique needs.  One of our favorite resource sites is Projector Central. Projector Central is a projector haven with tons of helpful information, in-depth reviews and comments from people who have seen the projectors in action.

Plus our team of projector experts is here to answer all of your home theater questions. Our experts have years of experience (seriously – the least-tenured member of our team just celebrated her 13th anniversary with us!) and love to help guide our customers through the research, buying and installation process.

Now your room is your canvas to build the perfect bachelor haven, family room or couples nest based on your desires and your budget. What’s stopping you from having the home theater you’ve been dreaming of?