The Casio Green Slim Projector, Revolutionizing Light Source Technology

Say buh-bye to traditional mercury lamps and hello to the new Casio Green Slim projector. This revolutionary projector uses a laser and LED Hybrid Light Source that lasts up to 10 times longer than a traditional mercury projector lamp.

We’re expecting this technology to spread quickly throughout the projector world. Casio’s Hybrid Light Source offers many benefits over traditional lamps, including:

  • Mercury-free. Traditional projector lamps contain toxic materials that can leak into the groundwater if disposed of improperly.
  • Brightness! At 2,000-2,500 lumens, this hybrid projector far outshines its LED-only predecessors. The high light output means this projector easily shines in the living room, classroom or boardroom.
  • Cost Savings. Engineers estimate the Hybrid Light Source will save the average user $800 after just 6,000 hours of use, (compared to traditional mercury lamps, which last about 3,000 hours and cost $400 to replace.)
  • Time Savings. The projector reaches its maximum brightness in a mere eight seconds and requires no cooling down period. Old mercury lamps can be damaged if unplugged before cooling down properly.
  • Worry-free. Casio backs its projectors and light source with a comprehensive three-year warranty.

How It Works

Casio introduced its new light source technology at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Before that, semiconductor-based light sources like LED and laser typically weren’t bright – or affordable – enough for most consumers. At the time, a 700-lumen home theater projector using this technology could set you back more than $10,000.

Casio’s engineers lowered the price point and upped the brightness by packing the best of laser, fluorescent and LED technologies into a 2,000-lumen projector that starts at just $799.

The Hybrid Light Source uses a red LED and a blue laser. The fluorescent element converts blue laser light into green light. Until now, achieving high brightness output of green light was hard for conventional semiconductor light sources.

Improvements in LED and laser technology enable the Hybrid Light Source to deliver high-impact color by expanding the displayable color space. Visual effects appear brighter, images more powerful. While the performance of conventional projector mercury lamps falls off visibly with increasing age, Casio Green Slim projectors’ Hybrid Light Source maintains consistent brightness and superior color.

This bundle of green technology is delivered in a petite package. The projector is just 1.7 inches thick and weighs five pounds.

What’s Next

Will Casio’s new Hybrid Light Source change projector technology? We expect it will. Green has long since been the new black, and anything with the word “hybrid” in the title turns heads. But, this is more than a trend. This is truly the first time in digital projector history that such a radical development has stood to reshape the projector landscape. Until now, the last big projector technology shift was moving away from placing your cool, 640×480 pixel, heavy LCD panel on top of that old overhead projector and connecting it to your, oooo ahhhh, laptop. Hats off to Casio.

In the meantime, if you’re still on the mercury lamp wagon (and most people are), check out our new projector lamp recycling program. A mere $3 in shipping will keep your projector lamp out of the landfill.

As always, if you have questions about the new Casio Green Slim projector line, call our projector experts at 1-888-248-0675.