Sanyo visits the Projector People

We love it when manufacturers stop by to talk about the latest in projector news. Last week, Sanyo came by to educate us on their new and soon-to-be-released projector models.

First up is the 2500-lumen Sanyo PDG-DWL2500, the world’s shortest throw 3D-ready projector. This impressive model is capable of projecting an 80-inch image from a mere foot away from the wall.

The projector can be installed just an inch away from the screen. That’s right. One inch of space between the projector and the wall for an 80-inch image. Wow!

The 2000-lumen PDG-DXL2000, coming soon, can accomplish the same when installed just 3.5 inches away from the wall.

Both can be mounted to the ceiling, wall, floor, a table, etc. And they can be installed vertically and horizontally, making them a perfect solution for tricky spaces.

These Sanyo short-throw projectors are about half the size of previous models. They feature built-in 10W speakers, closed captioning and a security bar. The filters on Sanyo’s new projectors are denser than before, making them last longer (up to 4,000 hours!) and improving their overall performance.

Also hitting the market soon is the 8000-lumen (!!!!!) PDG-DHT8000L, a full HD, DLP projector that is the brightest of its class. This dual lamp model features a silent cooling device – no more whirring fans! – and a filter that lasts 35,000 hours.

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