Projector Central reviews the Casio XJ-M255 recently reviewed the Casio XJ-M255, one of Casio’s new Signature Model projectors. This new line is 3D-ready and includes increased I/O connectivity and auto brightness adjustment.

Casio XJ-M255 praised the projector’s versatility, wide variety of input modes and 3-year warranty.

The Casio XJ-M255 was “clearly designed with multimedia in mind,” according to “I connected everything but the kitchen sink to the XJ-M255, including HDMI digital sources and USB memory sticks. In each case, the images were on the mark.”

The “wide variety of input modes and wireless capability makes it a natural for collaborative sessions where multiple PCs may be connected simultaneously,” wrote the reviewer.

“However, the real standout is the XJ-M255’s wireless capability. A wireless adapter is supplied with the projector along with Wireless Connection 3 software … Install the software on multiple laptops and you can have as many as four computer outputs simultaneously viewable on a split screen.”

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