New Panasonic Home Theater Projector Deals!

Breaking! We just launched two new Panasonic home theater projector deals. And they’re pretty awesome.

Panasonic PT AE7000U Freebies

First up is the Panasonic PT AE7000U projector. Panasonic’s first 3D projector for home theater, the AE7000U remains one of the most popular projectors in Projector People’s 14-year history. This 2,000-lumen model provides a 240Hz image in 3D mode, virtually eliminating cross talk (when one eye sees an image intended for the other). The Panasonic AE7000 also allows you to adjust the depth of the 3D image and is capable of converting 2D content to 3D in real time.

At the time of this post’s publication we are running a special price on the Panasonic AE7000. Plus, for a limited time you can get two 3D glasses, a $199 value, free with a mail-in rebate.

Panasonic AE8000U Freebies and Cash Rebates

Then there’s the Panasonic PTAE8000U, the highly anticipated follow-up to the AE7000U. This 3D projector is about 20% brighter than its predecessor. It also boost a higher contrast ratio and an optical filter that optimizes the projector’s light spectrum, providing deeper blacks and richer reds, greens and blues.

Right now you can get an extended warranty, two free pairs of 3D glasses AND a $200 rebate with your purchase. That’s almost $600 worth of freebies!

  • 2,400 lumens
  • HD (1920 x 1080)
  • 500,000:1 contrast
  • Two free glasses, extended warranty and a $200 mail-in rebate
  • Only $2,549. See all the deals »

Want to learn more about the AE8000U? Check out this video by Jason Lingle, who we recently crowned president of the Panasonic PTAE8000U fan club!