Meet the Samsung F10M, the world’s first LED-based, full size projector

In the past, light-emitting diode (LED) light source technology was reserved for pico projectors. In order to take advantage of LEDs – a greener and longer-lasting light source compared to traditional mercury lamps – customers were limited to highly portable, but also lower-lumen, projector models.

Samsung F10M projector

Until now.

Samsung changed the game when it debuted the 1,000-lumen F10M, the world’s first full size, high brightness LED projector.

How the Samsung F10M LED projector works

LEDs are essentially tiny light bulbs. But unlike the light bulb in your desk lamp, LEDs fit directly into an electrical circuit and are illuminated by the flow of electrons. LEDs do not have a filament, like regular bulbs, and therefore last much, much longer. The lack of filament also allows the LEDs to operate more efficiently than traditional bulbs. They do not get as hot and require far less electric power.

Benefits of LED projectors

Compared to traditional mercury projector lamps, the benefits of LED light sources include:

  • Better for the environment. Mercury lamps can leak toxic materials in to the groundwater if disposed of improperly. (Learn about our mercury projector lamp recycling program.)
  • Easier to use. LED light sources can power off and on instantly. They do not require a fan to control their operating temperature, and therefore allow for quieter and smaller projectors.
  • Lower cost of ownership. Traditional mercury lamps last about 4,000 hours and cost around $400 to replace. LED light sources last nearly 10 times longer, saving you hundreds of dollars.
  • Lack of dimming and/or burnout over time. Mercury lamps also grow dimmer over time. They can lose up to 50% of their brightness after 10,000 hours.

The Samsung F10M’s LED color technology

Instead of a color wheel, the Samsung F10M LED projector uses red, green and blue LEDs to deliver eye-catching graphics. Compared to projectors that use a color wheel, the LEDs deliver richer, more saturated color. No more rainbow effect. No more color break-up.

We use RGB LEDs as the light source. Since we’re using the primary colors directly, and not filtering white light to the primary wavelengths, the resulting colors are more intense,” said Tom Grau, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Samsung. “It’s a new optical architecture that requires one to let go of their pre-conceived notions on how projectors work.”

Additional features of the Samsung F10M

  • Document viewer
  • Closed captioning
  • USB port with Document viewer application
  • View Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and PDF files in native format
  • Native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, with WXGA, SVGA via re-size
  • Network-ready for control, monitoring and scheduling
  • Auto keystone, quick release legs, and intuitive controls
  • HDMI input
  • Built-in 7 Watt speaker

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