How to add Shock Value to your Haunted House with a Projector

The fall season not only brings cool temperatures and falling leaves, it also creates an atmosphere for the supernatural. October 31 is the date that toddlers look for bags of candy and young adults go searching for the best scare.

So how can you use earthly possessions to create a metaphysical ambiance? One word: technology! Now we are able to move beyond the classic scenes of Jason chasing us with a chainsaw out of a barn to ghostly apparitions floating in and out of walls and talking jack-o’-lanterns. No human volunteers have the capabilities of achieving the same effect. Read on to see some of the ways that people are stepping up the shock value of their haunted house using the magic of projectors.

AtmosFX is on the cutting edge of creating this spooky ambiance.  This Seattle-based creative studio is dedicated to producing movie studio-grade animation and make it available for the public. They have a line of Halloween themed DVDs that can be used to increase the spooky-factor of any homemade haunted house. These DVDs pared with an HD projector can make magic.

The Grim Reaper on my wall would definitely freak me out:


Chilling ghosts that that appear out of thin air? OooooooooOOOoooo!


Creating a singing pumpkin is as easy as pairing a Pico projector with an app to produce spooky or goofy singing pumpkins:

Don’t be afraid to step up your scare game this year. Check YouTube for lots of other spooktacular examples of how technology can be paired with the natural to create the Supernatural. Your haunted house fans are sure to appreciate it.

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