In a season of record spending on gadgets, what’s on your wish list?

Despite an overall decline in gift spending, this holiday season will see “historic highs” on gadget purchases, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.

Consumer electronics will be the hottest gifts to give and receive, the CEA’s research shows. Consumers are expected to spend $232 on gadgets, up 5% from last year. That’s the highest dollar amount the CEA has seen since it started tracking these figures.

Three of the top five items on adults’ holiday gift wish lists are electronics, according to the CEA. Laptops and Apple’s iPad ranked second and third on the list respectively. The number one item on adults’ wish lists? Peace and happiness of course.

The Average Adult’s Holiday Wish List, According to the CEA

  1. Peace/Happiness
  2. Notebook/Laptop
  3. iPad
  4. Clothes
  5. eReader
  6. Car/Motorcycle
  7. Family Together
  8. Good Health
  9. Video Game System
  10. Money

What’s on your holiday wish list? An iPad? World peace? Both?