Even BuzzFeed Loves Projectors

Confession: We’ve been known to check in with BuzzFeed during the day. Sometimes we just need to satisfy our fix for cute animal pictures or updates about actors from our favorite 1990s sitcoms.

(Hey, we’re only human.)

So we were pretty stoked the other day to see that even BuzzFeed is on the home theater projector train!

BuzzFeed’s editors know that coughing up $10/head to see a movie at the cinema is so 1999, especially considering how affordable 1080p projectors are nowadays. They compiled some drool-worthy home theaters in the recent article 13 Home Theaters We’d Pay To Watch Movies In.

Click through to see home theaters decked out in chandeliers, velvet chaise lounges and even a wine cellar.

Our favorite shots include:

easy outdoor theater

A Great Gatsby-inspired home theater, image from BuzzFeed

easy outdoor theater

A Star Trek shrine from BuzzFeed

easy outdoor theater

Is that a wine cellar in the back? Image from BuzzFeed

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