Celebrate Earth Day with the Projector People

Happy Earth Day from all of us at ProjectorPeople.com. In honor of the holiday, we want to highlight three ways we can help you help Mother Earth.

  1. 1. Go Green, as in Casio Green Slim Technology
  2. The new Casio XJ-A130 Green Slim projector incorporates a patent-pending Hybrid Light Source that combines Laser and LED technology for amazing brightness that lasts up to 20,000 hours, almost 10 times as long as a traditional mercury lamp. This new Casio-developed light source helps the environment and your wallet. Casio estimates the Hybrid Light Source will save the average user $800 after 6,000 hours of use compared to traditional mercury lamps, which last about 3,000 hours, consume greater power and cost $200 to replace.

  3. 2. Recycle Your Projector Lamp
  4. Still using mercury-based projector lamps? Most of us are. But now you can recycle them! Projection lamps contain mercury, which can leak into the ground water if placed in a landfill. For about $3, you can ship your used lamp to our projector lamp recycling center. We’ll handle the processing costs from there.

  5. 3. Open Me First, Print Me Later … Or Never
  6. Last month, we stopped including our multi-page Open Me First projector guide with purchases. The four-color booklets with their projector tips and tricks were big hits with customers, but also big hits on the environment. Who knows how many trees we’ve saved since putting the Open Me First guides online. Check out our handy guides here.