Casio XJH1650: Donna’s Projector Pick of the Month

Curious which projectors are our favorites? In this monthly series we sit down with our experts to learn more about them and their top projector picks of the month.

Our projector expert Donna at her family baseball game. She’s the one wearing the Rays’ hat. Read on to learn why the Casio XJ-H1650 is her projector pick of the month.

Name: Donna

When did you start at Projector People? 2000

Favorite movie to watch on a projector: I’m always looking for the new releases! Runner Runner was this weekend’s favorite.

What do you do on the weekends? I enjoy relaxing in the pool, playing golf, going to concerts, and organizing the family baseball game when my boys come to visit.

Projector pick of the month: Casio XJ-H1650

Why? It’s XGA, 3,500 lumens and LED. You get 20,000 hours from the light source. The projector is wireless, PC-free and supports the iPad and iPhone.

Which markets is this projector best for? Conference rooms, classrooms, churches, restaurants, trade shows … It’s a great fit for most applications! Give us a call at 1-888-248-0675 to learn more.

What else makes this projector special? It has both the VGA and HDMI inputs, it’s priced right for all the features it has, and did I mention 20,000 hour light source!!! It’s a steal of a deal, as I say.