Aaron Katz on working a film projector

In today’s installment of TGFVP (thank goodness for video projectors) we bring you the story of Alan Katz, a 29-year-old now considered one of America’s best young independent filmmakers.

After graduating from art school, Katz worked as a projectionist at the IFC Center in New York City. Five years later, Katz’s latest film, “Cold Weather,” is showing in the very same theater where he used to man the projector booth.

film projector

Katz recalled his time manning the projector fondly.

“Basically, movies come in five or six reels, each 20 minutes. I cut and pasted the reels together and threaded the film through the projector,” he told the NYDailyNews.

“Every projectionist has a disaster story. One time the film started just spilling out all over the place. The tough part is fixing the problem without stopping the film. In this case, I was able to sort out the film and wind it back on the reel by hand without interrupting the movie.”

“I really enjoyed being projectionist,” said Katz. “Projecting a movie isn’t just about the equipment. It takes skill. You have to know how to run the equipment, too. Plus, you get to watch a ton of movies.”

Sounds like a fun job. But we’d rather watch a ton of movies on a video projector any day of the week.

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